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How to make your food cool to BEAT THE HEAT THIS SUMMER.

Updated on March 26, 2012

Summer is a challenge for mothers, always finding ways to make food cool to make their children cool. Parents have a tough time making children eat healthy food in the summer.

During summer children are involved in lot of activities ranging from guitar to tennis. To make sure they eat healthier foods, by initiating them to the process of food making is a great idea. By involving them from the stage of choosing the right vegetable from the vendor to make small items like salads for themselves and let them enjoy decorating the food.

Welcome the summer vacation with tender coconut and lessi and lime juice. Not

with chilled juice or ice cream which can increase thirst. Keep away the sugary things like cola that dehydrate the body. With the fun and cheer, summer brings problems of dehydration , sun stroke and heat. To kick the vacation, we have to make the young ones healthy and happy. Home made healthier versions of junk foods your children like, with strict no on fat content can be experimented. Home

made pizzas with lot of vegetables, wheat momos with lot of vegetables or dry fruits, home made frankies with vegetables except potatoes are great.

Conventional healthy foods have to make attractive. For instance, salads added with a few fruits, nuts and chocolates gratings to taste, making the soup cold by keeping in the fridge, fruit salads and fruit tarts, all these can be healthy treat on summer days. Crispy dressings on conventional snacks and other food items can be a hit with children.


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      Binu George 6 years ago

      Simple things everybody can do.