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Blue cheese: forget roquefort, try spanish cabrales cheese instead!

Updated on December 14, 2012

It doesn't seem that appealing - OK - but taste it and then tell me...

Probably you have never heard of this spanish cheese. Maybe you even didn't know that spanish cheese are worthy. It's true, we spaniards don't love cheese as much as our french neighbours do. But, believe it or not, I think honestly that our cheeses can compete with their french counterparts and even win the competition. This hub is about one of the most famous spanish cheeses that you can now find (although maybe not that easily) in America and most european countries. Its name is Cabrales and it has as many fans as detractors, but I can tell you something: once you've tasted it you won't forget it - either you love it or you hate it, but you won't forget its strong, acidic taste. The appearance and flavour of the cheese resembles those of Roquefort of Gorgonzola cheeses, but in my opinion the spanish cheese beats clearly the french and italian bestsellers. Don't believe me? Go taste it and come back!

Cabrales cheese is made in the artisan tradition of dairy farmers of Asturias, in Spain's green north. It is made from pure, unpasteurised cow's milk, whereas sometimes is blended with goat or sheep's milk, which renders an even more spicy flavor. To comply with the regulations of the DenominaciĆ³n de Origen (spanish protected denomination of origin) all of the milk must come from herds raised in a small zone in the picturesque mountainous region of Asturias.

The region where this cheese is produced, Asturias, an specifically Cabrales (a tiny community in the east of Asturias surrounded by white dolomitic-alike gigantic peaks) is surely worth a visit. The zone is a paradise for climbing, mountain-biking, hiking. And there you still can find artisan cabrales cheese wrapped in the traditional form: using maple leaf! Picturesque, isn't it?

Was I so successful describing the cheese that you want desperately to taste it but you don't know how? Order it online now!

The place where the cheese is made surely deserves a visit...


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