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Chocolate Candy Frogs

Updated on April 3, 2013

Chemistry of Chocolate Candy Frogs

You might think that this article is only about sweet treats but it is also about chemistry. Today we will be mixing up a batch of chocolate, measuring the temperature and pouring the chocolate into frog shaped molds. Watch as the chocolate cools and solidifies. You will soon have dozens of chocolate frogs and have learned a bit about chocolate candy chemistry.

Frog shaped candy. Some children look forward to frog candy for Halloween. Some children hope for frog chocolates in their Christmas stockings. Crispy frog chocolates are delightful for Easter. How about some frog candy for Valentine's Day? Any day would be a great day for frog candy!

Photo Credit: Frosted Frog Prince and Princess Lollipops (1 dz)

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Chocolate Candy Chemistry with Alton Brown - Good Eats - Fudge Factor

It turns out the secret to producing the archetypal American candy doesn't lie in the power of chocolate but in the power of crystals. Host Alton Brown helps you to grow your own. (

Melting Chocolate Frogs

Melting Chocolate Frogs
Melting Chocolate Frogs

Photo Credit: Crunchy Frogs by L. Marie

on Flickr, Creative Commons

When I began researching the topic of creating frog chocolates I had no idea how precise you must measure the temperature of the melted chocolate. If you don't heat it to a high enough temperature it will crumble. If you heat it to too high a temperature it will get too hard. It is important to use a thermometer when melting the chocolate to make sure you are tempering it before pouring it into the chocolate frog molds.

Double Boiler for making Chocolate Frogs! - Melt the chocolate in a double boiler!

Many years ago my grandmother showed me how to use a double boiler. A double boiler gently heats food to a melting point. With puddings, frostings and chocolate, it is very important to bring them gently to a temperature where they melt. If they boil, they will curdle and separate.

A double boiler consists of two pots, one inside the other with water in the bottom pot. Fill the bottom pot half full of water. You can start with cold water but if you have access to hot water you can speed up the process. If you start with cold water, place the pot of water on the stove and heat until the water is at the boiling point. Place the second pot into the first. Keep the fire below the double boiler low enough that the water doesn't boil. Add the chocolate to the top pot. Slowly it will begin to melt. Gently stirring the chocolate or pushing the chocolate against the bottom of the bot will help it to melt faster.

Candy Thermometer - Candy Thermometer for making Chocolate Frogs!

Using a candy thermometer can help to make your chocolate candy frogs come out perfect every time. Chocolate melts at about the same temperature as your body or about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why chocolate melts in your hand. Using a candy thermometer can help to make sure that the candy reaches the right temperature without getting overheated.

Frog Cookies

Dot Bunn

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There are several different styles of chocolate candy frog molds. Some chocolate frog molds will create filled chocolates, Some chocolate molds will create frog shaped lollypops. Which shape of chocolate frogs do you prefer?

Photo Credit: Harry Potter Milk Chocolate Frog with Collectible Wizard Trading Card

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What's better than chocolate frogs? Why, chocolate frogs with Harry Potter trading cards. Chocolate Frogs and Harry Potter trading cards are ideal for Halloween Trick or Treaters, Christmas Stocking and Easter Baskets. Children leap at the idea of receiving chocolate frogs :)

Harry Potter 5.3oz "Chocolate Frog" Limited Edition with Professor Albus Dumbledore Card
Harry Potter 5.3oz "Chocolate Frog" Limited Edition with Professor Albus Dumbledore Card

Imagine the delight on your Harry Potter fan's face when he or she opens this pentagon shaped box with not only a chocolate frog but also a Dumbledore Card as well! This is the perfect gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Harry Potter Day!


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    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Happy Easter with the frogs:) Frog candy is fine since it's chocolate!

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Looks yummy. Kids love frogs AND chocolate, so what a great combination.