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Cool star wars nutcrackers, for crazy collectible gifts

Updated on August 11, 2015

Cool Star Wars nutcracker designs from Kurt S. Adler

Get nuts and check out the Star Wars nutcracker designs. If you're a star wars fan and love to crack some nuts, this is the perfect combination. A star wars nutcracker is a cool gift for any sci-fi fan. Kurt S. Adler designed a whole series of star wars nutcrackers, from R2-D2 to Darth Vader.

The starwars nutcracker designs are definitely collector items and are a gadget not to be missed. The almost mythical figures as Yoda and R2-D2 will be brilliant table ornaments and conversation pieces.

Kurt Adler Steinbach Collection Star Wars Series 18-1/2-Inch German Wooden Nutcracker, Darth Vader
Kurt Adler Steinbach Collection Star Wars Series 18-1/2-Inch German Wooden Nutcracker, Darth Vader

This Steinbach nutcracker is definitely a collectors item. It a special wooden Star Wars nutcracker.

The dramatic figure of Darth Vader makes a delightful conversation piece on any end table, fireplace mantel, or hutch throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

The special Steinbach nutcracker features an engraved faceplate and measures approximately 5 inches deep by 6 inches wide by 18-1/2 inches tall.


Star Wars - The Nutcracker. - Kurt Adler - Star Wars Clone War Nutcracker

cool star wars nutcrackers
cool star wars nutcrackers

Star Wars - The new Movie - coming out at Christmas.

Star Wars is one of the most famous science fiction space opera movies of all time. The film series was created by George Lucas who had a lot of doubts in the beginning when he created the first film of the saga.

In an universe "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away". Always sounded a bit strange to me. But what the heck in sci-fi everything is possible, even technically more advanced humans living in the past.

Star Wars is a saga of good versus evil. In principle a simple story. The good Jedi versus the bad Dark Vader (Vader means Father in Dutch by the way.)
Tha magic weapon of choice is of course the famous Lightsaber. A glow in the dark sword specially designed for merchandising.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Nutcrackers - Get nuts with Star Wars

Star Wars Christmas gifts for geeks

The story of Star Wars is well known. The good versus evil. The Jedi fighters against the evil empire of Darth Vader. It's an epic story on a grand scale. Fighting against all odds, a battle between father and sun, between democracy and dictatorship

Every film is set on a different planet with a different a climate and it's own infrastructure. Desert planets, a ice planet, a jungle planet, George Lukas created a whole universe with the Star Wars films.

An now Kurt Adler designed a series of nutcrackers around the theme Star Wars. The series of the Kurt Adler nutcracker designs contains R2-D2,Yoda, a Star Wars Clone Trooper, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.

Collection gadgets for the Star Wars Fan - nutcrackers for star wars lovers

Kurt Adler Steinbach star wars nutcrackers
Kurt Adler Steinbach star wars nutcrackers

The first Star Wars film had a huge impact and became a real cult in 77 (together with Saturday Night Fever , which came out in the same year!). After the first star wars film "Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope" was released, the sci-fi genre in the film industry changed. It came out of the closet and into the open, sci-fi wasn't suddenly a sub-genre anymore but a well recognized theme in the film industry. The star wars movies where followed by whole generations of fans and have been together with an icon for the 80's. The Star Wars font became legendary and the lightsaber was sold by the millions.

It's not strange that Kurt Adler designed nutcrackers with the heroes of star wars in mind. They are definitely collector items and a perfect gift for the star wars fan. But even if your not completely nutty about star wars, it's still fun and a great conversation piece for on the table.

The many characters of Star Wars

Star Wars Nutcrackers
Star Wars Nutcrackers

Star Wars Christmas gifts.

In time the epic story of Star Wars developed and many characters played there role in the Star Wars universe.

Every episode was set on a different planet. and besides the main characters of the original movie like Luke Skywalker, Death Vader and Han Solo new character came into play as well. Like the notorious Jabba the Hutt ,the nutty Jar Jar Binks or Watto.

Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Who is your favorite Star Wars character.

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