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Garlic Sandwich

Updated on February 26, 2014

Garlic is a very healthy food. This is great to make a sandwich with. Many of us think of garlic as an ingredient to be included in our favorite dish as an herb. Garlic can be consumed in it's raw form. It has many health benefits. In folk medicine garlic has been used as a cure-all. It is scientifically proven to be an effective antibiotic. It can be used to help cure the common cold. This is great for cold season and also plainly delicious.


2 Bread Slices

3 Garlic Cloves

5 Black Olives

1 Tablespoon Veganaise

2 Dabs of Butter

2 Lettuce Leaves



1/ Peel the garlic.

2/ Slice it lengthwise into pieces.

3/ Cut the olives into slices.

4/ Cut the tomato into slices.

5/ Rinse the lettuce.

6/ Toast the bread slices to your preference. It doesn't need to be toasted if you prefer fresh bread.

7/ Butter the toast. Earth Balance is a great dairy-free product.

8/ Spread Veganaise on the toast.

9/ Assemble the sandwich.

10/ Enjoy!

Garlic Health Benefits

-Helps lower blood pressure.

-Powerful natural antibiotic.


-Cancer inhibitor.

-Helps fight ailments of the lungs.


-Lowers blood sugar.

-Strengthens the immune system.


Veganaise is mayonnaise without the eggs. This is a product which can be purchased in many health food stores. It is sold at a price which is more expensive than mayonnaise. For those of you who live a vegan lifestyle it is a worthwhile alternative. This is also good for people looking to reduce cholesterol in their diets and those allergic to eggs.

This product is manufactured by a company called Follow Your Heart. This originally was a vegan restaurant in California. They manufacture 4 different varieties of Veganaise. There are 4 different varieties because they use different oils to make this product. Veganaise has 90 calories per tablespoon. It is reduced in saturated fats due to the oils which are used.

Earth Balance

Earth Balance is a butter alternate which is dairy free. It is a vegan product which is also good for those who are lactose intolerant. This product is gluten-free and contains 0g trans fat. It contains about 100 calories per tablespoon. This is an indulgent vegan treat when you want the taste of butter.

Earth Balance is a company based outside of Boulder, Colorado. They produce a variety of vegan products including shortening, egg-less mayonnaise, salad dressing, and much more. They are committed to producing products which have a great taste. This enables vegans to enjoy a less deprived lifestyle.

Relevant Links For Vegans and Health Nuts

There were many links I referred to in the creation of this lens. I am going to list them here so you can further explore these great sites.

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