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Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Updated on April 5, 2013

Festive, Spicy & Moist Gingerbread for the Holiday Season!

Cupcakes are a hit all year, so change it up this year for the holidays with this festive recipe for Gingerbread Cupcakes ! Spicy, moist, and perfect for a holiday party, these are simple to make and easy to eat. It's gingerbread combined with cream cheese frosting, so don't expect these to stick around long. These pack a lot of flavor, and the frosting can be made in minutes (don't use the canned stuff).

Read on for directions on how to make gingerbread cupcakes from scratch, the only way that you should be making them!

Intro photo by Kiwisoutback (the author), © All Rights Reserved .

These are incredibly easy to make. Once you make them, you'll want to have these delicious, moist cupcakes every year for your holiday parties. Here's a list of the ingredients you'll need to make them:

* 6 tablespoons unsalted softened butter

* 1/2 cup white sugar

* 1/2 cup unsulfured molasses

* 1 egg

* 1 egg yolk

* 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

* 1 tablespoon Cocoa powder

* 1 tablespoon ginger

* 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

* 1 teaspoon ground allspice

* 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

* 1/4 teaspoon salt

* 1 teaspoon baking soda

* 1/2 cup hot milk

* 2 tablespoons unsalted softened butter

* 2 ounces softened cream cheese 2/3 cup confectioners' sugar

* 1/4 teaspoon lemon extract

Decorate Your Gingerbread cupcakes!

You can make your cupcakes a little more interesting by adding sprinkles, colored icing, cinnamon, nutmeg, and colored wrappers. Kids love this part.

A Tip for Gingerbread

It can get ruined in freezing temperatures and become dry, so don't leave it exposed to the elements in the winter substituting it for a fridge. These do best when served immediately after making, within a day.

Gingerbread Recipes Cookbook - Cakes, houses, sundaes, brownies and more festive decadence

If you're a gingerbread lover, then you probably can't wait until the holidays to have some. There's nothing wrong with gingerbread in July! It's just as delicious then. Gingerbread rum cakes, gingerbread houses, and 60 other gingerbread recipes can be found in this all inclusive cookbook.


* 60 delicious gingerbread recipes

* Authored by Jennifer Lindner McGlinn, a pastry chef and food writer

* Recipes like gingerbread poundcake, marbled almond gingerbread loaf cake, rich and chocolate gingerbread cake, and apple butter gingerbread cake



This is easy, and relatively foolproof...

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter or line with paper liners a 12 muffin tin.

2. Cream 5 tablespoons of the butter with the white sugar. Add the molasses and the egg and the egg yolk.

Sift together the flour, cocoa powder, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and salt.

3. Dissolve the baking soda in the hot milk. Add the flour mixture to the creamed mixture and stir until just combined. Stir in the hot milk mixture. Pour the batter evenly into the prepared muffin tin.

4. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until lightly springy to the touch. Cool in the pan and move to a rack.

5. To make frosting: Cream the 2 tablespoons butter and cream cheese, beat in confectioners sugar until fluffy. Add the lemon extract. Wait until the cupcakes are cool, then frost.

Recommended Molds, Cutter, Houses and Premades - Some of the best gingerbread making stuff

Gingerbread is an awesome comfort food. Spicy, moist, and incredibly easy, they're best enjoyed warm, and freshly frosted. Here are some tools to help you make great cookies, cakes, and if you're not in the mood to cook, Dancing Deer's awesome gingerbread cake.

One more thing: If you have a regular muffin pan, be sure to get some wrappers to make cleanup easier. No one wants to be scrubbing pans during the holidays, right?

Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Gingerbread Man Pan
Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Gingerbread Man Pan

This nonstick gingerbread man pan can create tiny cupcake gingerbread men (delicious when frosted on one side), or use your traditional cookie mix.

Gingerbread Boy Man Metal Cookie Cutter for Holiday Baking / Christmas Party Favors / Scrapbooking Stencil
Gingerbread Boy Man Metal Cookie Cutter for Holiday Baking / Christmas Party Favors / Scrapbooking Stencil

Cut out gingerbread men from your cookie mix in no time at all and have an army of these little guys for the holidays.

Kitchen Supply Gingerbread House Mold
Kitchen Supply Gingerbread House Mold

Make your own gingerbread house with easy molds to make it much easier for you. It's flawless!

Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake
Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake

This is awesome, and yes I have ordered this. Everything I've tried from Dancing Deer is really good, but this one might take the cake. I also like their molasses cookies. Deep, dark, rich, and a great gift, I've given this to people as gifts on numerous occasions.


Before you serve these homemade cupcakes...

These are best served at room temperature. Cold air tends to dry out these deserts quickly, so try to avoid very cold temperatures.

Gingerbread cupcakes - the finished product!

Gingerbread cupcakes - the finished product!
Gingerbread cupcakes - the finished product!
best gingerbread cupcakes
best gingerbread cupcakes

Have You Made This Gingerbread Cupcake Recipe? - Tell us what you think of this Gingerbread Cupcake recipe!

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    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      Not yet, I'll give your recipe a whirl, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      MaartjeJepsen 5 years ago

      I love gingerbread! Gained 5 lbs during this holiday week because of them! LOL

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 5 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA


    • JohnMichael2 profile image

      JohnMichael2 6 years ago

      gotta add nuts and coconut ... they'd really be outstanding !!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I made these cupcakes and filled them with a eggnog filling. THEY WERE AMAZING! I also changed the recipe a bit because I live in a high altitude area. Just minus 1 Tbsp of sugar and add 4 Tbsp of milk and change the oven temp to 345 degrees. I love this recipe!

    • Charlino99 profile image

      Tonie Cook 7 years ago from USA

      MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . . .

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

      They look delicious... and I bet they taste it too! Thanks for sharing your gingerbread cupcake recipe.

    • profile image

      huvalbd 7 years ago

      I am passing this recipe along to the baker in the house and look forward to tasting the results!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      Oh, these do look and sound delicious! I want one so bad now, I can almost smell them :)

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      RuthCoffee 7 years ago

      These sound great, and it's the perfect time of year for me to give them a try.

    • luvmyludwig lm profile image

      luvmyludwig lm 7 years ago

      I found this while looking for a lens to feature on a lens I am working on. These sound yummy!

    • SoyCandleLover profile image

      BW Duerr 7 years ago from Henrietta, New York

      Sounds so good! I love gingerbread, and the cream cheese frosting makes it even better. Fav, and lensrolled to my cupcakes lenses. Thanks!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Yummy. I could almost smell these coming right off this page. Loved all the photos.

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 7 years ago

      Now these I would take time to make! Yumm.

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 8 years ago

      Oh boy do these look good! I want to try one of those silicone pans. Yummy lens!

    • Sniff It Out profile image

      Sniff It Out 8 years ago

      Gingerbread is not just for the holidays :-) These look totally yummy!

      Lovely lens, thank you for adding it to 'The Cooks Cafe' group.

    • JudyDunn profile image

      JudyDunn 8 years ago

      Yum! Love the ones with the Christmas decorations. :-)

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 8 years ago

      Ah, the holidays with gingerbread - yumm! And, cream cheese icing sure does top it off.

    • chefkeem profile image

      Achim Thiemermann 9 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I really couldn't help it but bless this page with these delectable morsels. Wonderful, wonderful! :)

    • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

      ElizabethJeanAl 9 years ago

      The cupcakes look delicious and I haven't had dinner yet. I guess I'll start with desert.

      Great lens!


    • Mortira profile image

      Mortira 9 years ago

      Sounds delicious! I will definately have to try this recipe. You get a vote up on Squidoo Home for the Holidays. 5 stars, too!

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      I've been so inspired by gingerbread that I've created a Gingerbread group. I've already featured this lens and would like to invite you to add it to the group.

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      Yummy! I didn't know about the silicone cupcake molds. I've lensrolled you on my Gingerbread recipes lens. 5*

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      Yum! The lemon extract in the frosting sounds perfect to go with the gingerbread. Love the lens!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 9 years ago

      Delicious! Welcome to Culinary Favorites From A to Z.