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Gingerbread house cake pans

Updated on September 18, 2012

Gingerbread house cake pans - spice up your Halloween, birthday, or Christmas party the easy way.

Lifelong lovers of gingerbread (or really any homemade cake), both my Mom and I used to glance in awe at the homemade gingerbread houses that friends would make to punctuate a Halloween or Christmas party. But, gingerbread houses take so long to structurally build and there's no assurance that the end product will look like that picture on the front of the kit. But, ah, I've found a solution to this dilemma. Just use one of these adorable gingerbread house cake pans and, not only will you not have to worry about the collapse of your table centerpiece mastery, but you'll have more time to decorate and, after all, isn't that the most fun when making a ginger bread house?! Just think of the quality time to spend with young ones.

The unusual cake pans I've selected to show you on this Squidoo article are available on and would be a perfect Halloween or Christmas gift to the baker in your family. And, if you're lucky, perhaps you'd even get to sample a piece of one of these beautiful confections.

The picture to the left is of a gingerbread cake pan I found on Amazon - I love that the picture shows the final cake also. You can find purchasing information below.

Nordic ware cake molds

My Mom always had a bunch of these Nordic ware cake molds - sadly, most of them went to my sister. I remember the delicious cakes that these fun cake pans used to turn out though and the fun we had decorating our desserts.

Why not start a new Halloween or Christmas tradition and mix up a batch of gingerbread in these festive bundt pans?

Nordic ware castle cake pan moldBUY NOW

Nordic ware fairytale cake moldBUY NOW

A more simple house cake mold perfect for beginner bakersBUY NOW

Gingerbread recipes from some of the tastiest places on the web

I am a connoisseur of sorts of gingerbread. I like my gingerbread men (or women....) very spicy so fresh ginger is the key. The gingerbread recipes I've found below are some of the most delicious floating around. Try any or all of them and delight your Halloween party crowd. Santa might like a slice too so mix up a cake for Christmas eve - actually, gingerbread freezes very well.

Nordic ware gingerbread house bundt pan

One of my favorite unusual cake pans, this heavy cast aluminum bundt cake pan will deliver a cake that is evenly baked and ready for decorations. Forget the lopsided windows or the icing seams that never seem to hold!

Gingerbread cake mixes

If you prefer to go an even easier route than just using a preformed cake pan for your gingerbread house, go with one of these highly rated mixes. I'd still add my own personal touches such as more ginger, a tad more cinnamon, and maybe some cardamom spice.

Need some pointers or ideas on decorating your gingerbread cake?

YouTube holds a wealth of great videos as can be evidenced by these videos showing how to decorate a gingerbread cake. I think the most important thing when creating a Halloween or Christmas table centerpiece such as these cakes should be is to have fun with the decorating and make the cake tasty! No one ever said I was the best cake decorator but there's never a crumb left of any of my homemade confections.

Why bake only one gingerbread house bundt cake when you can bake six?

They say it takes a village...

This Nordic Ware village cake pan expands your love of gingerbread from one house to a whole village. This is the perfect pan is you're baking with children or grandkids - let them each decorate one (or two) houses.

Nordic Ware Platinum Cozy Village Baking Pan

Reviewers suggest spraying these mini cake pans with cooking spray and then dusting with flour to aid in turning out the baked cake from this cake pan. Everyone said it was very easy and the resulting cake was beautiful and delicious.

Are you a lover of gingerbread? Does baking put you in the Christmas spirit? Do you own one of these very cool cake pans? I'd love to hear any and all comments.

Got cake?

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Whenever we make these all the stuff gets eaten off the outside and we never actually finish the cake inside lol

    • krakensquid profile image

      krakensquid 5 years ago

      Nice lens!

    • profile image

      fauxreal 5 years ago

      Oh man, that castle cake pan is calling my name.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Love it! I'd like to bake six gingerbread houses! These are so cute!

    • sebo246 profile image

      sebo246 5 years ago

      What a cool thing - I didn't even know these existed. My kids are now old enough to start doing this for the holidays - I always made gingerbread houses with my parents growing up and loved it.