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Gluten Free Drinks

Updated on July 29, 2015

So Refreshing!

Lemonade and Tea are two of my favorites!
Lemonade and Tea are two of my favorites!

Lots of Gluten Free Beverages to Choose From

Gluten free or not, I've always had the hardest time figuring out what to drink. Artificial sweeteners, sugars, bad taste, carbonation.... what's safe to drink anymore?

I had found the perfect gluten free drink. It was gluten free, not too sweet, not too bland. It was tea but didn't taste much like tea. It was perfect for a former soda drinker like myself. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in February 2012. It was Honest Tea Sublime Mate. Since then, I've had to search for something new to drink. I really like the Honest Tea Super Fruit Punch but occasionally I'm looking for a stronger flavor.

I'm always searching for something new that's cool and refreshing and gluten free. I'll share some of my personal favorites here and when I try something new, I'll be sure to add it!

The List is Limitless

Even someone picky like me can find a gluten free drink for each day! Honest Tea Half and Half is one of my favorites. It's organic tea mixed with lemonade. Definitely refreshing! Lakewood organic Fresh Blends are gluten free and taste great. Simply Orange juice and, of course, water are all good choices.

For the days when you just need to have a soda, Coca-Cola has verified that many of their products are okay - my favorite, Cherry Coke, Barq's and regular Coke are all fine but more about these later!

Super Fruit Punch

Honestade makes a great Super Fruit Punch.  It's delicious!
Honestade makes a great Super Fruit Punch. It's delicious!

The Other Honest Teas

All of the Honest Teas are gluten free.

I haven't tried many of their other flavors because I'm not a huge tea person but I do love the half lemonade and half tea flavor.

I also drink a lot of Super Fruit Punch Honest Ade. It's like the Gatorades and Powerades but it's organic.

The two newest lines of Honest drinks include Honest Splash and Honest Fizz. Honest Splash includes 3 different fruit drinks for kids and Honest Fizz is a soda version. I can't wait to try these new additions!

By far, Honest Tea, is one of my favorite brands of gluten free drinks. Be sure to check out the Honest Tea website for the latest flavors. They like to stay fresh and new so flavors change often.

Lakewood Organic Drinks

Lakewood Organic Lemonade is very refreshing, especially on hot summer days!! Fresh pressed lemons, pure fruit juice sweetened, no cane juice and no corn syrup. No artificial ingredients and gluten free!! What more could you ask for?

Pure Fruit Juice

Lakewood Organic Cranberry Lemonade juices, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
Lakewood Organic Cranberry Lemonade juices, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

For an extra refreshing taste, try the cranberry lemonade variety. It's a huge taste sensation! The best part of it is that there's no high fructose corn syrup in this juice. You can feel good that you chose a decent drink.


Minute Maid Fruit Punches

Minute Maid Makes Some Great Gluten Free Beverages Too!

These are nice and refreshing on a hot summer day! They have a variety of flavors to choose from so you're sure to find one you love!

I love lime flavored drinks so this is one of my favorites.

Berry Punch is a favorite with the kids. They love the super sweet berry flavor of this one!

There's many more flavors than just these two but these are the ones I really like.

Water - Nature's Finest Gluten Free Drink

Let's not forget about the number one gluten free drink. Water is always gluten free and always refreshing. Water has to be extra cold for me to drink it but some people prefer room temperature. No matter how you drink it, it tastes great and always refreshes!!

Refreshing and delicious every time! I like that you can buy smaller bottles now. It always drove me crazy when I would find 10 half drank bottles of water laying around. Now they get finished right away with none of it being wasted. It's usually more expensive to buy it in the smaller bottles but the sanity savings are worth it to me.

So pure and naturally refreshing

The purest and most natural gluten free drink - water.
The purest and most natural gluten free drink - water.

Lipton 100% Natural Iced Tea

My favorite is the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor. My next favorite is the Citrus flavor. My third pick would be the lemon flavored - it has a weird taste to me. They've now started selling it in bigger bottles so you don't have to keep buying the small ones.


This is my favorite variety of the Lipton 100% Natural Bottled Iced Teas. It's a little bit different than the sweet teas and the raspberry teas that seem to be the most common flavors.


Coca Cola - Many Flavors to Choose From!

One of my favorite gluten free drinks is Coca Cola. I like Cherry Coke the best. Soda might not be on the top of many people's healthy food list but once in a while, it's a nice treat!

Fortunately, in the U.S. and Canada, there's a nice long list of gluten free coke products:

Coca-Cola Classic, Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Classic, Barq's Root Beer, Diet Barq's Root Beer, diet Barq's Red Creme Soda, Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla, Diet Coke, Diet Coke with Lime, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Zero Cherry Coke, and Diet Cherry Coke.

There's other flavors too! This is just part of the list that they provide on the Coca-Cola website. Please check there for the latest, most currently updated information.

Lipton Pure Leaf Sweetened Tea

Sweet tea isn't my favorite drink but I like this one. It's just the right amount of sweet. I like the Raspberry flavored one the best but I'm not afraid to try other ones. They're all pretty good.

What's your favorite?

I find that I can have a little fun with drinks on a gluten free diet. There's so many choices. Sodas, fruit drinks, water, and lemonade.. oh my!

What is your favorite gluten free beverage?

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Experiment to find your Favorite

I personally love the Honest Teas but it's nice to have alternatives too! Sometimes flavors change and your favorites are no longer available or sometimes you just want something different. Variety is the key to make an alternative diet work.

I used to have a favorite drink. It was a lime tea that was great mixed with Coca Cola or Pepsi. The lime tea was discontinued and I've never found anything quite like it again. If you experiment, you can find something that you'll love too.

If you have another favorite, please share it!!

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    • profile image

      lionmom100 5 years ago

      I don't need to watch gluten, but my grandsons and daughter I law do. I would never have thought about gluten being in drinks. I love coke, but am trying to cut down on carbonated beverages. I have been trying different teas and prefer unsweetened so tea bags are fine with me and I like herbals or flavored black, green or white tea. I love Stash Lemon Ginger, Trader Joes Pomegranate and almost any of the Pickwick flavored teas. Pickwick is Dutch and hard to get in the US at an affordable price.

    • profile image

      marsha32 5 years ago

      I wouldn't even thought about beverages having gluten

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 5 years ago

      @hntrssthmpsn: LOL!! I hear ya on the soda! I can go for months without it but then one day, I'll just have to have it and then I'm hooked again until I can get my tastes back to the better stuff. My mom tried to grow Stevia but it didn't go so well for her. It's in the Lipton 100% Natural Teas but I would rather have the homegrown stuff because I'm sure they find something bad to put in there!

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 5 years ago

      @Wbisbill LM: Thanks for stopping by!!

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 5 years ago

      @UKGhostwriter: It seems that we are getting more and more teas everyday but they don't always taste the greatest. I finally found that sublime mate by Honest Tea and I can't say enough how sad I am that they discontinued it :( It was really great stuff and didn't have a super strong tea taste - just how I like Thanks for stopping by!

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

      We don't have a great choice of iced teas in the UK, but I'll look even harder than liptons

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

      We don't have a great choice of iced teas in the UK, but I'll look even harder than liptons

    • Wbisbill LM profile image

      Barbara Isbill 5 years ago from New Market Tn 37820

      Looks good. Thumbs up!

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

      I grow stevia, and my mom has a lemon tree. Lately, I've taken to adding a little fresh lemon juice and a stevia leaf or two to some cold tonic water. It's kind of like a soda, kind of like a sparkling lemonade, and it really hits the spot without any sugar, HFCS, or artificial sweeteners. Sometimes, though, I cave in and down a 64-oz fountain diet coke in one long pull. It's terrible stuff, but there's little that quenches a soda thirst except soda.