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Good Earth Tea Sweet and Spicy

Updated on April 16, 2013

My favorite tea

Ok. I'm a tea person. I can't help lingering in the tea isle at the grocery store. I love experimenting with different teas for exotic tastes and health benifits. Good earth tea, sweet and spicy has been one of my favorite tea flavors for a long time. It has the perfect blend of sweet cinnamin and a touch of spice. The best part is that you don't even have to add sugar! It's naturally sweet and delicous.

What about you?

Are you a tea person?

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A little History

Good Earth Tea was founded in 1972. It was one of the first tisane (herbal tea) distributers in America during the 1970's. The company developed trademark teas for Good Earth restaurants (a health food chain that was based in california and later bought by General Mills). In 1988 they first launched their teas in tea bag form in the California market. They offer 25 different blends of tea. Some of their most populaur blends include: Original sweet and spicy herbal tea and Lemongrass green tea.

Good Earth tea is known for it's all natural ingredients:

NO sugar

NO artificial colors or preservatives.

NO MSG or soy

3 Great things about sweet and spicy from good earth - Why you should give it a try

  1. It's naturally sweet so that you don't have to add sugar.
  2. Natural Herbal tea with no added color or preservatives.
  3. Each tea bag has an inspiring quote.

Sweet and spicy ingredients - Whats in your tea?

It's a kind of funny story

Living in Israel, Good earth tea is scarcely available. Every year for passover my family travels to Arizona to have the "seder" with my grandparents and family. It was in one of those visits that I was introduced to this tea. I quickly loved the taste and even took a few tea bags back with me to Israel.

A few years later I decided to order some good earth tea from amazon to Arizona so that I could take it back with me to Israel. However, being as smart as I am, I forgot to inform my grand parents about the tea I had ordered to their residence. When I arrived for Passover the tea hadn't shipped. But unexpectedly during the first night of the passover seder I saw three big boxes of sweet and spicy good earth tea on the table.

I asked my grand father where the tea had come from and he said he didn't know. It had appeared on the doorstep and he and grandma had assumed it was a gift from someone. We got a good laugh out of the whole incident. Luckily they hadn't finished all the tea bags.

Just For Fun

Do you prefer the organic version over the regular one?

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A cool fan made advert for Good Earth


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