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Rice Cereal Facts/Best Organic Rice Cereal for Babies

Updated on June 5, 2016
A cute baby frowns at the sight of baby rice cereal
A cute baby frowns at the sight of baby rice cereal | Source

When to start baby on rice cereal? What are the signs that a baby is already ready for rice cereal?

In general, many parents begin giving their baby rice cereal around five months or six months depending on how ready the baby seems to take in this new, solid food. Some signs of readiness to take in solid food include the baby being able to sit up straight on a high chair with proper control over head movements. Also, if the child is noticeably curious when you are eating your food and is able to bring in a spoon with her lips, he or she is most likely ready for rice cereal. If a baby is not ready for solid foods, he or she will avoid clasping onto a spoon when brought close to their mouths or will forcefully try to shove a spoon out of their mouths using their tongues. In general, if you are not sure of when to start feeding your child solids, ask your pediatrician.

How to start your baby on rice cereal? When is the best time of the day to feed your baby rice cereal?

When starting to give your child rice cereal, it is a good idea to mix some of it with liquid formula to help your baby grow accustomed to the texture. Slowly get rid of the formula until your baby is completely comfortable with just solid foods (however, doctors do recommend that babies have breast milk or formula at least for six to twelve months).

Choosing an appropriate time of the day is also very important to ensure your child is able to properly learn how to handle solid foods. Always try to pick a time when your child is most relaxed, not visibly cranky, and is the hungriest. This often means early in the afternoons as this is the time when a mother’s natural milk production is lowest while the baby is most wide-awake.

A cute baby enjoying his organic rice cereal
A cute baby enjoying his organic rice cereal | Source

How to choose the best rice cereal for babies?

Rice cereal is traditionally fed to infants, as it is very high in iron and other essential nutrients that are needed for proper development. They are also very easy to digest, generally low-allergy, and easy to mix into a wetter consistency that can help ease a baby’s transition from liquids to solid foods.

When choosing the right rice cereal for your baby, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Choosing between genetically modified cereals or all organic: though genetically modified foods have been proven to have no negative consequences, some parents simply avoid them for various personal reasons. Regardless, choosing either is perfectly healthy and safe for your child, but if you do wish to not feed your child genetically modified foods, looking for all organic cereals could be best for your child.

2. Choosing between refined or whole grains: again, both types are perfectly fine to be given to a baby, though whole grains tend to be higher in essential nutrients. However, if your baby has an iron deficiency or has difficulty absorbing iron, it is better to use refined grains as they promote absorption; whole grain cereals, on the other hand, actually inhibit iron absorption.

3. Ensure arsenic levels of the cereal are low. Though arsenic occurs naturally in many foods, heightened levels or added arsenic could be detrimental.

A baby can't get to sleep because of acid reflux
A baby can't get to sleep because of acid reflux | Source

Does rice cereal help with acid reflux? Does it also help babies sleep?

For babies who are susceptible to acid reflux, it is best to add a tablespoon of rice cereal to two ounces of baby formula; babies are much less likely to spit up food if the food is somewhat solid and if they are sitting in an upright position. Yes, rice cereal does help acid reflux. However, filling your baby with solid foods will most likely not help him or her get to sleep; most likely, you will have to feed the baby on regular intervals, which includes the child waking up and wanting to be fed. In addition, hunger is not always the reason for your child waking up; so though rice cereal is perfect for keeping your baby full, there are many other reasons for your child having difficulty sleeping, so rice cereal alone will not cause a significant change in your baby being able to sleep. Overall, the right cereal will be easy to digest and have all of the essential nutrients needed for your baby.

HappyBellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal, with Probiotics & DHA, 7 oz x 6 Cans, HappyBaby (Happy Baby)
HappyBellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal, with Probiotics & DHA, 7 oz x 6 Cans, HappyBaby (Happy Baby) | Source

Best Organic Rice Cereal for Babies

One of the best rice cereals you can feed your baby is Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal, with Probiotics. As the name suggests, this brand of baby cereal is filled with essential probiotics to keep your baby strong and healthy while strengthening his or her digestive system and preventing the development of future allergies. Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal is also fortified with iron and DHA (which promotes healthy brain development). Lastly, the product is completely organic, getting rid of unwanted pesticides or added chemicals.
Being brown rice also ensures a greater nutritional value for your child, guaranteeing your baby will have all the essential nutrients and minerals for development.

Rice cereal is the perfect way to get your baby more accustomed to solid foods while providing very essential nutrients and minerals for overall well-being. Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice cereal is one such product that has been extremely effective in providing natural, all organic solid food for your baby to enjoy.

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What's your baby's favorite organic rice cereal?

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