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Gourmet Coffee Online Peets Coffee

Updated on September 17, 2014

Peet's Coffee & Tea is a renown gourmet coffee artisan roaster, founded by Alfred H. Peet. Their gourmet coffee is appreciated everywhere in America, being the pioneers of the gourmet coffee in United States. Their coffee blends include beans and roasts for all coffee lovers, from a various geographical locations. You can't go wrong whit coffee from Peet's, whether you buy it for yourself, or as a gift.

Photo Credit: Ian Poellet via Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Ian Poellet via Wikimedia Commons

A Bit of History about Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet’s Coffee started out in Berkeley, California, as a coffee shop. The owner of the coffee shop was a Dutch immigrant, that was shocked about the American coffee’s quality in the seventies. He started out with very small batches of specially roasted coffee, which he imported from trusted coffee producers.This new trend in coffee was a huge success, and soon his business bloomed expanding. His business model inspired other coffee businesses, such as Starbucks, who actually bought coffee from Peet’s in their first year of operation. Starbucks eventually shifted from the initial model in favor of a more profitable business model.

Peet's Coffee, Uzuri African Blend - Buy Gourmet Coffee Online

Why Gourmet Coffee from Peet's?

All operations in the Peet’s facilities are manually done with a great care and attention to all details. The coffee is imported from special places, some of the common geographical characteristics of these exceptional places for growing coffee are: high altitude from 4000 to 6000 feet, and rich volcanic soil, in a climate that allow full coffee ripening. The coffee beans then are selected by removing all beans of lower quality, and Peet’s get only the best of best.The coffee beans then are blended according to rules fully understood only by specialists. Coffee beans from different corners of the world are married in order to obtain a rich and distinctive blend.Roasting in small batches is the best way to ensure the best roasting experience. The industrial roasters often over-roast coffee to ensure consistency. The problem is that the coffee loses all of its flavors in favor of the specific flavor of over-roast coffee. Small batches allow adjusting the coffee roast on the go. The final step of coffee production is shipping, and Peet’s pride themselves with avoiding stocking coffee. That ensures freshness, and everybody knows how important this is.

Espresso Cup

Espresso Cup
Espresso Cup

Peet's Coffee, Sumatra - Buy Strong, Bold Gourmet Coffee Online

I love strong and bold coffee. The bitter is is the more I enjoy it. If you look for the absolute strong and bold, this is it, you found it.

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