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BBQ Grill Tools and Accessories

Updated on July 1, 2017
Lily Rose profile image

Some may call me a shopaholic. I like to discover new things that improve my life! I love providing real & honest reviews to help others.

Summer is officially here and in many parts of the country people are definitely feeling it! Warm summer days, for many, means breaking out the barbeque grill and enjoying fun in the sun while cooking a simple, yet delicious, meal on the grill. Whether you have a charcoal bbq or a gas barbeque, no summertime cookout would be complete without the right barbecue tools – and some extra cool gadgets – to make the experience effortless and fun.

You’ll find a great assortment of barbecue tools on the right to keep your outdoor fun going. Amazon is a great resource for one-stop shopping, as you can find almost anything you’re looking for there at competitive prices and often with free shipping.


A thermometer makes grilling meats and poultry much easier because you no longer have to guess if it’s done. Many meat thermometers allow you to preset whether you’re cooking beef, pork, lamb, turkey, veal, or chicken and will let you know when the proper internal temperature is reached.

I’m always nervous about cooking things like chicken properly, which can be dangerous if not cooked thoroughly, and my digital thermometer makes the cooking worry-free.

BBQ Tool Sets

No grill is complete without the proper tools to work with; there are many tools sets to choose from and most come in a carrying/storage case which is very convenient. Another must-have tool is something to clean your grill with when done cooking. A wire brush is the best tool for cleaning your grill after cooking.

Remember, cooking on the grill is like cooking in a pan in your kitchen – you wouldn’t cook in a pan and then reuse the pan the next week without having cleaned it, right? The same thing goes for your grill; it must be cleaned after each use for your health as well as for the health of your grill.

Cleaning Your Barbecue Grill

I don't know about you, but the built-up gook that many grills collect on the racks really grosses me out! We have gone through many cleaners looking for the right one, one tough enough to do the job - and we definitely found it with this one! We've had ours now for a few years and it still works perfectly for cleaning and scraping off all that char and gook from the cooking surfaces of our grill. I highly recommend this product - it also makes a great gift - think housewarming gift!

Cookware for the Grill

There are so many pieces of cookware and gadgets available nowadays to help you cook just about any type of food on your grill, from fresh vegetables to fish, kabobs, hot dogs and more… 

Grill Mat

A grill mat will protect your deck or patio, or whatever surface on which your barbecue grill sits. These mats soak up food spills, including grease and oil, and prevent them from soaking through and staining your deck or patio surface underneath.

If you like to show off your favorite college spirit, check out the collection of grill mats at Amazon that have collegiate designs...

Grill Light

A clip-on grill light is a must have for cooking late in the day when you start to lose sunlight.  These lights are very versatile ad you can clip them most anywhere and you can adjust the light so that it gives you the illumination where you need it.

Check out this cool grill:


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  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    Lily Rose,

    I love that grill!

  • billyaustindillon profile image

    billyaustindillon 7 years ago

    Nothing better than a grill and good grilling tools of course in summer.

  • Lily Rose profile image

    Lily Rose 7 years ago from East Coast

    Thanks, liljen23!

  • liljen23 profile image

    liljen23 7 years ago from Shreveport,LA

    great hub lily on grilling and bbq tools..thumbs up..

  • Lily Rose profile image

    Lily Rose 7 years ago from East Coast

    You're quite welcome, Hello, hello...

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for your good selection.