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The best Grill utensils reviewed

Updated on March 19, 2013

Essential grill utensils for your BBQ

If you like a bbq you need some decent grill utensils, as reviewed and compared here. A decent set of grill utensils not only ensures the food remains intact during the grilling process but also ensures you, the chef, remains free from burns, lacerations and scalds whilst cooking. As you will appreciate a good set of grilling accessories is an essential purchase for the grilling season so make sure you get yours.

There are many different brands of grill utensils available, some of which are very good and some of which are next to useless. Choosing the right grilling accessories is not easy and the most expensive tools aren't always the best buy.

So, if you want a patty flipper that will ensure your patties remain whole, a pair of tongs to turn your banger or a grill brush to keep your bbq grill clean, have a look at the products below all of which are very good and will make your barbecues and cookouts much less stressful.

Style Asia HW5266 Chef Basics 18 piece grill utensils set

This set contains all the basic equipment you will need for your backyard grill, including a large fork, knife, tongs, four steak knives, eight corn holders, grill cleaning brush and a slotted turner. All utensils are made from good quality and professional grade stainless steel and all pack neatly away in a stylish aluminium carry case when not in use.

This Style Asia grill utensils kit is great and is perfect for barbecues for smaller gatherings. If you want great value for money this Style Asia chef basics kit is the perfect grilling utensils kit.

Cuisinart 10 piece premium grilling set

This set consists of a spatula, grill tongs, fork, set of four skewers, grill brush and two replacement heads. All the tools are made from high quality stainless steel and have handcrafted pakka wood handles. All the tools are supplied in a genuine leather carry case to keep them in one place when not in use.

The first thing you will note about this kit is that it is stylish and looks really good. It also contains everything you need for your backyard grills and cookouts. The quality of these tools is second to none and they are tough, durable and built to last. This grill utensils set isn't cheap, but it is worth digging a little deeper and spending a little more on something that is top quality and going to last in the first place.

If you want a stylish yet functional grill utensils kit that is going to last many barbecues the Cuisinart 10 piece premium grilling kit is an excellent choice.

Weber Style 6445 grilling kit

If you want a quality grilling kit the Weber Style 6445 is something to consider. This grill utensils kit is three pieces and consists of a spatula, fork and tongs. All the tools are exceptionally high quality and are made out of professional grade stainless steel, and all of them are tough, durable and built to last. This is one quality set. All the tools have long

eighteen inch handles so the chance of burning yourself is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, this grilling kit doesn't have its own storage box or carry case, but each tool does have a hook for hanging.

For a three piece grilling kit the Weber Style 6445 is expensive but it is worth every cent, simply because it is so strong and tough.

Grill utensils - Coleman Road Trip Grill Tools

If you are after a small grill utensils kit, perhaps for using with your portable bbq grill?, the Coleman road trip grill tools kit is the product for you. This neat kit consists of a spatula and tongs, both with fork ends that extend from 14 inches to 18.8 inches at the press of a button. Both tools are supplied in a neat little carry case to keep them safe and sound when not in


The number of tools may seem a bit poor but when you're grilling all you really need is a spatula, for flipping those burgers, steaks and fish fillets, and a pair of tongs for everything else. Besides, when you're out on the road you don't really need the hassle of a large grill utensils kit, right?

This is an excellent grilling utensils kit that is affordable, good quality and well worth buying, especially if you like using portable grills.

Grill sergeant apron

How about this for the ultimate grilling apron for the barbecue chef? This apron can accommodate up to six cans or bottles (it does have its own bottle opener, so no need to worry there) and has numerous pockets and straps etc. to which you can attach all your grill utensils and condiments.

With a camouflage print this apron is primarily targeted at men however ladies look cool in camouflage gear too, so it would suit anyone.

Please note this apron doesn't come with any grill utensils so you are going to have to buy some. If, however, you already own a grill utensil set this apron is an excellent purchase.

Grill glovesBUY NOW

BBQ cleaning equipmentBUY NOW


BBQ Rubs

If you really want to grill the tastiest meat you need some flavouring on it and the best way of doing this is to use a bbq rub. You could marinade the meat, but that takes ages. No, a rub is definitely the best way.

You could make your own rub, but this is time consuming and fiddly. Also, with so many shop prepared bbq rubs available, all of which are really tasty, what's the point? Check out the delicious rubs below that will make your backyard cookout go with a bang.

Novelty grilling aprons

Bring a bit of fun to your cookout, whilst ensuring you keep your clothes nice and clean, with one of these top novelty grilling aprons........

"Official BBQ Master" ApronVIEW NOW

"KIng of the Grill" ApronVIEW NOW

"Meat Fire Good" ApronVIEW NOW

Novelty grill t-shirts for the chef

The chef doesn't just need the right grill utensils for a great barbecue, they also need to look the part and dress to impress too. For some top grilling/barbecue t-shirts check out the products below........

"Pirate Chef" t-shirtVIEW NOW

"BBQ King" t-shirtVIEW NOW

"Grill Master" t-shirtVIEW NOW

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If you are looking for other bbq and cookout related articles to take a look at check out the lenses below, some of which you may find interesting........

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      The right utensils are CRITICAL to grilling success! PHENOMENAL lens!