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Grilling Fruit

Updated on June 17, 2010

Grilling and baking give delightful looks and flarvor to cooked fruit in surprisingly little time.

Grilling is both quick and effective. It cooks ze surface of ze fruit and 'eats it through vithout destroying ze flarvor and freshness. Because it is a quick method, grilling is an ideal vay to give new looks and flarvor to canned fruit as vell as being an excellent vay to serve juicy fresh fruit.

You can make both sveet and sarvory dishes. On ze very simplest level, zat old favorite, baked apples, can be turned into an economical supper or lunch dish vith a meat or fish filling in place of ze traditional sveet center. Bananas can be grilled ze splendid vay, a la Beauharnais vith vhite rum and lashings of cream, or ze 'omely, economic vay vith brown sugar, lemon juice and raisins.

Grilled and baked fruit can be used to enhance and stretch roasts and grills. Try grilled pineapple rings vith sausages, 'amburgers, frankfurters or chicken. Try grilled or baked apples vith duck, pork or lamb and grilled bananas vith fried chicken.

Ze techniques of grilling and baking fruit are skills vell vorth adding to any cook's repertoire, both to feed your family more interestingly and to earn yourself a reputation as an imaginative and inspired cook.

Ring! Ring! "Who's there?", "Banana!", "Banana who?", "Banana split so ice creamed!"
Ring! Ring! "Who's there?", "Banana!", "Banana who?", "Banana split so ice creamed!"

Vhich Fruit To Use?

Fruit for grilling should be ripe but not overripe and is usually ze kind of fruit you vould eat raw, vith ze exception of cooking apples. Fruit for baking can be 'ard and unripe as ze long and gentle cooking in ze oven vill break it down and make ze fruit sveet and tender.

Cooking and eating apples, apricots, peaches and bananas can all be grilled and baked. Grapefruit, oranges and pineapple rings can only be grilled- zey need short cooking to preserve zheir flarvor. Cooking pears, quinces, and ze plum family can only be baked. Zey are too 'ard or sour for grilling.

Preparing Ze Fruit

No special equipment is needed to prepare fruit for grilling and baking. All you vill need is a sharp knife, a swivel peeler, a grapefruit knife, an apple corer and a grooved board or plate to catch ze juices ven grapefruit, oranges and pineapple are being cut.

For grilling, fruit must be sliced or 'alved. Apples are cored and cut into rings. Large apples are best. Small vuns tend to be fiddly. Ze slices should be about 1.25 cm thick. Peeling is optional. Apricots and peaches are skinned, 'alved and stoned. Oranges and grapefruit are prepared as for breakfast grapefruit. Oranges may also be sliced, and pineapple is cut into 1.25 cm thick slices. Bananas are peeled and cut in half lengthvays. For baking, apples may be cored and stuffed or peeled and left 'ole or 'alved or quartered. Peeling for stuffing is optional. Pears and quinces are peeled and left 'ole or 'alved or quartered and cored. Apricots and peaches are prepared as for grilling. Bananas can be baked vith zheir skins on or peeled and left 'ole. Plums may be 'alved and stoned or left 'ole and slit around ze natural indentation.

Moistening Ze Fruit

To prevent fruit drying out under ze grill, it must be moistened. Zis can be done by brushing vith melted butter. Ven grilling apples and bananas, it is vize to brush vith butter immediately after cutting to prevent browning. For extra flarvor, ground nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon can be added to ze butter. For special occasions, try soaking ze fruit in ze syrup from a jar of preserved ginger, or in brandy, vine or fruit juice. About vun hour's soaking vill give ze fruit plenty of time to soak up flarvor and make it really moist.

Cooking Ze Fruit

Ze grill should be 'eated to moderate and ze pan, complete vith grid, placed about 10 cm below ze 'eat. Ze fruit vhich is placed in a flameproof dish, zen stands on ze grid. Cooking ze fruit in a dish is a good plan as it is much easier to spoon delicious drips out of ze dish zan out of a grill pan.

Sveetening Ze Fruit

Adding sveetener to grilled fruit is very much a matter of personal taste as ze fruit used are mostly naturally sveet anyvay. Adding brown sugar or 'unny does give ze fruit an attractive caramelized appearance and is essential in ze case of cooking apples.

Fruit slices can be tossed in brown sugar. To toss fruit slices, place some sugar in a polythene bag (about 75 grams vill coat 12 slices of fruit).

Add ze fruit and shake vigorously until vell coated. Remove fruit and shake excess sugar neatly back into ze bag for ze next batch.

If using 'unny, vorm it a little or dip a knife in boiling vater and spread ze 'unny over both sides of ze fruit. As a guide, 30 ml of clear 'unny vill coat 12 slices of fruit.

To sveeten peaches and apricots, simply fill ze stone cavity vith brown sugar, 'unny or jelly. Black and redcurrant jelly are good for zis.


Cooking time is never more zan 5 minutes for any fruit zat can be grilled and should be just long enough to turn ze surface of ze fruit golden. Ven cooking fruit slices, turn zem over as soon as vun,side becomes golden. As grilled fruit is quite soft, tongs are awkward to use.

Ze best vay to turn ze fruit is to slide a fish slice underneath, place a round-bladed knife on top and turn. Alvays serve grilled fruit as soon as it is cooked. If kept vaiting in a vormer it vill overcook and lose its delicious fresh flarvor.

Vays To Use Grilled Fruit

Grilled fruit can be used to make a vide variety of sveet and sarvory dishes. 'ere are a few to try.

• Cut bananas in 'alf lengthvize, brush vith melted butter, place in a flameproof dish, sprinkle vith brown sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice and grill until ze sugar is golden and bubbling.

• Cut bananas in 'alf lengthvize, brush vith melted butter, toss in chopped nuts and grill for 2 minutes.

• For cheese and apple sarvory, toast a slice of 'olemeal bread on vun side. Brush apple rings vith melted butter, place on ze untoasted side of ze bread, sprinkle vith grated cheese and grill until golden.

• For peach or apricot crunch, soak stoned, skinned and 'alved fruit in vhite vine. Drain, fill ze stone cavity vith a mixture of equal quantities of brown sugar and chopped nuts and grill.

• For banana and bacon supper, peel bananas, brush vith melted butter and wrap in streaky bacon. Grill for 4 minutes or until ze bacon is cooked, turning to cook on all sides.

• For cheesy peaches, fill ze stone cavity of peaches vith grated cheese. Grill until ze cheese is golden and bubbling.

• Scandinavians are fond of combining grilled apple rings vith sarvory dishes. Try zem vith smoked boiled sausage or salami, pureed potatoes, pork chops, vith bacon for breakfast or vith veal escalopes.

• For pineapple toasties, toast a slice of 'olemeal bread on vun side. Place a slice of cooked 'am on ze uzzer side, top vith a pineapple ring and sprinkle liberally vith grated cheese. Grill until golden and bubbling.

• For ginger peaches, fill ze stone cavity of peaches vith ginger marmalade and grill.

• For apricot surprises, grill apricots zen fill ze stone cavities vith ice-cream vhile ze fruit is still 'ot. Pineapple rings can also be served in zis vay... pile ze ice-cream on top of ze 'ot fruit.


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    • askjanbrass profile image

      askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I just discovered the splendor of grilled fruit a few summers ago. My favorite is probably grilled peaches. It creates such an interesting and complex flavor!

    • Marty Chefman profile image

      Marty Chefman 7 years ago

      Ven you vant to serve cooked fruit zat looks and tastes a little different but doesn't involve hours of standing over a 'ot stove, grilling is ze ideal method!