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Curry Monster Headquarters

Updated on February 15, 2012

Easy Curry Recipes

The Curry Temple

Hi fellow curry monster! If you're looking for curry recipes you're in the right place.

And if you've got a curry recipe of your own that you'd like to share, feel free to add it here! Just please only submit lenses that are specifically curry related, as I want this group to remain tightly focused. Thanks.

If you are not on Squidoo you can still join and make a lens with your own personal take on this delicious of subjects. Plus you get to make a few a cents for yourself!

How hot do you like it? - Cool and mild or fiercely firey?

The beauty of curries is that they can be made to measure in terms of how spicy they are. I once ate with a group of friends, one of whom ate a vindaloo without so much as a bead of sweat forming. The next time we ate at that particular 'curry house' he had the hottest curry they did - the Chili Bomb. I would have had a taste of it, if it hadn't dissolved my fork! As for the friend - poor thing!

How hot do you like your curries?

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What's your favorite curry? - Hot vindaloo or mild creamy korma?

What's your favorite curry flavor?

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If the groupmaster likes it, he or she will add it to the featured lenses lists above.

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