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How to know and love H P Sauce

Updated on May 29, 2015

H P Sauce- the king of sauces.

H P Sauce- don't you just love it? Or maybe you hate it? Or maybe you've no idea what H P Sauce is? H P sauce is a very British sauce, but people around the world have grown to love H P sauce.

This delicious spicy brown sauce is at it's best on sausages and steaks. In the winter months, a great dollop of HP makes sausage and mash just so tasty. In summer it's perfect for the barbecue.

They say to "write about things you love"- I love HP sauce and after reading this, I hope you'll love HP sauce too.

H P sauce was invented by a grocer called Frederick Gibson Garten in Nottingham, in the UK in the 1870s using ingredients that were imported into the UK from the British Empire .

H P Sauce included ingredients pretty exotic at the time, such as tamarind, dates and molasses. Garten registered the name in 1895, claiming that Houses of Parliament ( home of the UK government) had started serving it. He had the brilliant idea of decorating the bottle with the famous picture of the Houses of Parliament.

A nearby vinegar manufacturer Edwin Samson Moore bought both the recipe and the brand in 1903 for £150, and relaunched HP sauce as part of a new company, which later developed into the HP Food company.

It is my #1 favorite condiment!

H P sauce has long been the favorite of the brown sauces in the UK and Canada.

If you live in the USA, and if you haven't tried it, but you can. because it is now easy to buy on Amazon!

Take a look at this page, and see if you want to go for it!

Buy your H P Sauce at Amazon - Yes, Amazon stocks H P sauce, perfect for your fall casseroles

Buy some H P sauce now from Amazon.

Add HP sauce to casseroles and stews for extra flavor.

H P Sauce, 15-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 4)
H P Sauce, 15-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 4)

The iconic H P sauce bottle ( well, actually , it's plastic, not the original glass, but everything else is the same)


H P , the king of brown sauces.

H P was always on the table when I was a child.

"Brown Sauce"- not a name to thrill the taste buds!

However, growing up in England in the 1950s and early 1960, food was pretty dull. Following the rationing and shortages of the war, we had a very simple "meat and 2 veg" diet. H P sauce brightened up our everyday meals.

My mother was a good cook, but raw materials were very limited.

Tuesday would be egg and chips ( fries in the US) with H P sauce. Thursday was sausage and mash- with H P sauce.( H P sauce is great with Cumberland sausage

H P sauce starred with the Bacon Buttie ( hot bacon sandwich) , and with all full English cooked breakfasts.

We had H P sauce with cold ham and salad, H P sauce was added to traditional Lancashire hot pot , stews and casseroles.

There was another brown sauce called "Daddies Sauce", but this was not a patch on the H P sauce.

Now that summer's on it's way, why not try HP sauce with your steaks, sausages and grills? It's a great sauce for the BBQ.

H P Sauce in the news! - Well, in the 1913 newspapers!

Here is an advert for H P sauce from 1913. H P sauce was actually quite expensive, and regarded as a new, upmarket addition to a meal.

HP sauce - make your sandwich into a "manwich" - HP recently launched a series of TV adverts. Take a look.

For the first time in many years, HP sauce has produced an advert. My husband thinks they are really funny. I giggle ate them too, but are they taking irony too far? Are they sexist? Have they increased the sales?

See the HP manwich ads for yourself.

Here's another "manwich" HP sauce ad.

H P Sauce on the web - Great links to H P sauce websites, lots of tips and recipes

H P Sauce is all over the internet! So to speak!

Please keep H P Sauce away from your computer- or you might find H P sauce literally all over the internet

Sorry, I'm being a bit silly here, but if you take a look at these websites you might get in the silly mood too.

Recipes! Tips! Use H P for your BBQ! Add H P to salad dressings! Put H P on your curries and casseroles!

Love H P ? Check out these sites.

Have you decided to go for H P sauce? Here's a new flavor for you. - H P Sauce for your BBQ? Try this fruity version.

If you haven't tried H P Sauce yet, why not try it for your next BBQ? It's much nicer than other "brown sauces", including the favorite US steak sauce ( in my opinion!)

This HP fruity sauce is a little sweeter and a little more fruity than the original. Try it and see.

HP Fruity Sauce 470g
HP Fruity Sauce 470g

A big bottle of H P sauce to see you through a few BBQs now that summer is here.


The H P sauce bottle in French! Strange but true.

Many people's first contact with the French language was reading the H P sauce bottle!

For much of the 20th century, for reasons that seem unknown, one side of the HP sauce bottle was written in French!

"Cette sauce de premier

choix possède les plus

hautes qualités digestives.

C'est un assortiment de

fruits d'Orient, d'épices et

de Vinaigre de 'Malt' pur.

Elle est absolument pure,

appétissante et délicieuse

avec les viandes chaudes

ou froides:





et pour relever le goût des



RAGOÃTS, &c." ( please take a look at the YouTube video below for the classic song of this text by Marty Feldman)

There must be many people of my age for whom this was the first contact with French! When this was eventually removed in the 1980, many letters were sent to the letter page of The Times Newspaper ( today it would be on Twitter) . Here is an example-


Am I alone among your readers in deploring the loss of that much loved and most piquant of French primers - the label on the HP Sauce bottle?

If unfortunate circumstances decreed that there was nothing else to read at the breakfast table one could always turn to the HP Sauce bottle for a little French revision. It will be sadly missed.

- Dr JH Hunter, Frampton On Severn, Gloucestershire.

Marty Feldman sings French- la sauce H P ! - If you have never seen this classic spoof take a look now.

Monty Fellman was a brilliant comic, sadly no longer with us.

Here, he takes the French text from the side of the H P Sauce bottle, and sings it in the classic mournful French style favored by Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel.

Marty Feldman still makes me laugh, and this song is so absurd- I just love it. Please listen!

Who loves H P Sauce?

The British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, claimed to love HP sauce, and in the 1960s and 1970s, H P sauce became known as "Wilson's Gravy"

Tom Hanks and Mike Tyson are said to be HP fans, as is Sam Mendes, who worked it into one of his movies.

Chef Jamie Oliver also apparently loves it, though he doesn't actually advertise HP sauce.

H P Sauce has the label "by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen" Lots of traditional items have been awarded the "by appointment" accolade. We're not sure if the Queen and Prince Philip use H P sauce themselves, but suely it would be popular amongst the Royals with a hearty British Breakfast?

Poet Laureate John Betjeman mentions H P sauce in one of his poems-

I pledge her in non-alcoholic wine

And give the HP Sauce another shake.

- John Betjeman, from Collected Poems (1958).

Sadly, this iconic British sauce had been through many changes of ownership in recent years. The original factory in Birmingham, UK has closed, and H P is now owned by Heinz, and made in the Netherlands.

H P sausage goes really well with sausages- especially my personal favorite Cumberland Sausage

H P sauce- do you care ? - Love H P , hate H P , don't care about H P ?

H P Sauce- what do you think?

What do you think about my love of H P Sauce?

See results

Buy your barbecue sauces from ebay for great bargains - Let ebay help make your barbecue great

HP sauce for your barbecue? If you don't to use HP sauce ( why not!?) you can pick up some great barbecue sauces on ebay.

I hope that you take the time to check out the HP links, and to watch the H P song by Marty Feldman.

H P sauce doesn't take itself too seriously- neither does this lens!

H P Sauce- a great sauce-what do you think? - Please leave me your H P sauce thoughts.

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    • IanTease profile image

      IanTease 3 years ago

      Great lens, i read one on spam the other day, that's fabulous with HP sauce as well

    • profile image

      Spectresoft 4 years ago

      I prefer A1 sauce! But HP is a very close second.

    • craiger-m profile image

      Craig 4 years ago from Great Britain

      Very interesting lens. I love HP sauce on a bacon and egg sandwich.

    • Keith J Winter profile image

      Keith Winter 4 years ago from Spain

      When I lived in the UK, there was a mobile snack bar outside the factory where we used to buy doorstop sandwiches filled with egg and bacon, then smothered with HP sauce. Luckily I've found a shop here in Spain that sells it.

    • alex89 lm profile image

      alex89 lm 5 years ago

      I just had a steak sandwich with HP on it for breakfast, I use it instead of ketchup on most things, and its fantastic with eggs and bacon or sausage :)

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