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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, When You Want It To Go

Updated on October 20, 2014

I could address this to Santa Claus, but I will take anyone who is listening and/or hungry. I really need and I really want a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. I want to be able to assembly line my breakfast, or indeed ten breakfasts if I see fit. Line 'em up, slap 'em out.

The minute I first saw it, I wanted it, and now I keep doing recipe variations. Either my creative juices are stirred or I'm hungry. What I would really like to do is figure how to do a tamale pie sandwich. Don't worry, I'll keep working that idea around the Mulberry Bush. Right after breakfast.

This little sandwich maker would be great to use with biscuits, hamburger buns, muffins, or bagels. And I am certainly not above trimming off corners of bread, thereby making roundness. Cornbread in the right shape or pancakes would work perfectly. When you combine that thought, then you have got corn pancakes, which make great little take-away sandwiches.

After the base coat of bread comes the meat, Canadian bacon, sausage, ham, bacon, pastrami, tofu, precooked meat only though. Sausage would be delightful with corn pancakes and the aroma would be exquisite. I could see either syrup or butter topping this.

Just keeping it basic, maybe a slice of smoky cheese, or some cream cheese could be layered on the sandwich. But if you want to get crazy, and I do, add a dollop of chutney, sauerkraut, or salsa. This will add a lovely sweet tart to your breakfast creation, or just a refreshing slice of tomato to top it all off. Yum, yum, and good!

I just bet you could make a Reuben sandwich with this bad boy. Why not? I would eat it, hell, I could eat it right now.

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