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Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker

Updated on January 21, 2013

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review from One Happy Customer

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a coffee maker that does not use a carafe. Instead of a carafe, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation has an insulated tank that keeps coffee fresh and warm without the scorched flavor that comes with a standard hot plate and glass coffee pot. The BrewStation brews a great tasting pot of coffee and the last cup tastes just as fresh as the first cup since there is no carafe and no hot plate.

I had my first BrewStation for nearly seven years. When it finally started to have problems, we replaced it with another BrewStation. My husband and I are avid coffee drinkers and wouldn't want any coffee pot other than the BrewStation.

Here you will find my personal user review of the BrewStation coffee maker and can even purchase the latest BrewStation models. Keep reading to find out why we love the BrewStation.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review

My personal experience with the BrewStation coffee maker.

I had my first Hamilton Beach BrewStation for nearly seven years. We used it to brew a minimum of one pot daily that entire time and I have zero complaints about it. The coffee brewed by the BrewStation tastes better than standard drip coffee because there is no hot plate to scorch the flavor.

The BrewStation is easy to clean. A simple maintenance run of one cycle of vinegar water followed by three runs of clear water every thirty days is all that's required to keep your BrewStation brewed coffee tasting fresh. If you let coffee sit in it over night over time you may get a bit of build up in the insulated tank. I find that this comes of easily with a gentle scrubbing with an SOS pad.

Making coffee in the BrewStation is very easy. You fill the tank with water (just like you would fill a glass coffee pot) then pour the water into the machine (just like with a standard coffee maker). Next you place the coffee filter in and then put in the right amount of coffee. Then close the machine and turn it on. It brews coffee just like any coffee maker, but instead of dripping into a glass carafe it drips into the insulated tank. This unique design keeps your coffee tasting fresh. There is never a harsh scorched flavor with BrewStation coffee. Every time we have company I get asked what brand of coffee we serve because it tastes so good. We go through so much coffee that we just buy the Walmart Great Value brand ground coffee.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47665 - Hamilton Beach 47665 BrewStation Plus 12 cup coffee maker.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47665 is the model coffee maker we have. It is a 12 cup coffee maker with no carafe. The two best features of this model are that the dispensing area is tall so it easily accommodates tall travel mugs and that the dispensing spout no longer has a rubber ring, which eliminates the dripping problem of older BrewStation models. Do I love my BrewStation? Let me count thy ways: 1) no hot plate to scorch the taste, 2) automatic shut off, 3) easy to clean, 4) timer function so I wake up to fresh coffee each morning, and 5) tastes as fresh after an hour as it did when it first brewed,.

Hamilton Beach 47665 BrewStation Plus 12-Cup Automatic Drip Coffeemaker
Hamilton Beach 47665 BrewStation Plus 12-Cup Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

12 cup coffee maker

one hand dispensing

no carafe

no hot plate to scorch the flavor

2 hour automatic shut off

timer function


Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47214 - Hamilton Beach 47214 BrewStation 12 cup coffee maker.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47214 was the first BrewStation we ever owned. It is a 12 cup BrewStation, though I consider it more of a 10 cup coffee maker. I love this coffee maker and had it for nearly 12 years. It makes 10 cups with ease, but 12 cups seems to be just a bit of a squeeze and I can't make it quite as strong as I'd like or the grounds would run over just a bit (to be fair, I like my coffee very strong). The advantage this model has over the 47665 is that it's easier to see how many cups of water you're filling into the the tank. This model, however, uses a rubber ring at the dispensing spout and this one design feature is what causes the leaks and drips that some customers complain about. The 47665 does not have that problem. In the 7 years that I used this machine we did occasionally have leaks. This occurs when a coffee ground gets caught under the rubber ring. Carefully cleaning under the ring and firmly pressing it back into place will solve the problem every time. The BrewStation also comes with a spare ring. The only other problem with this model is that tall cups don't fit under it well. We just pulled it out to the edge of the counter and tipped our cups over in order to fill them. But the 47665 accommodates tall mugs with ease, so if you use a tall mug daily you may want to look at that model instead.

Hamilton Beach 47214 12-Cup BrewStation, Black
Hamilton Beach 47214 12-Cup BrewStation, Black

12 cup coffee maker

timer function

automatic shut off after 2 hours


Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Ultra - Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation Summit Ultra 12-Cup

The BrewStation Summit Ultra is a 12 cup carafe free coffee maker just like the BrewStation 47665. It has a programmable timer function and automatic shut off like the 47665. What is different about the BrewStation Summit is that it has different brewing options. You can choose to brew your pot of coffee bold or regular. You can also choose to brew coffee for iced coffee drinks. There is even a small batch setting for if you want to make just a couple cups of coffee I like having the different brewing options with this coffee maker. Had this model been available in my local store, I would have purchased this one. We were without a coffee maker and didn't want to wait to have one shipped.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe - Hamilton Beach 47454 BrewStation Deluxe

The BrewStation Deluxe is the latest and greatest model. It is a 12 cup coffee maker with four brew cycles to choose from. It's programmable and has an automatic shut off. This particular model comes with a reusable gold coffee filter and several water filters for better tasting coffee.

Hamilton Beach 47454 BrewStation Deluxe 12-Cup Coffeemaker
Hamilton Beach 47454 BrewStation Deluxe 12-Cup Coffeemaker

12 cup coffee maker

timer function

automatic shut off after 2 hours

4 brew cycles

includes water filters

reusable gold coffee filter


Hamilton Beach BrewStation 6 Cup Coffee Maker - Hamilton Beach BrewStation 48274

The BrewStation 48274 has everything that makes the original BrewStation great (programmable, automatic shut off, no carafe, no hot plate) but in a smaller 6 cup size. This is a great coffee maker for anyone needing to brew 6 cup batches or smaller and at a very affordable $29.99!

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Accessories - Gold filter and water filters.

Does the BrewStation Leak?

What about the reviews that say it leaks?

The original BrewSation has a rubber ring around the dispensing spout that can sometimes cause the leakage you read about in some consumer reviews. This isn't a permanent problem. The leakage only occurs when a coffee ground gets stuck under the rubber ring, or if the ring gets pushed out of place if you scrub too hard while cleaning. All you have to do is gently clean the ring of debris and be sure to firmly press the ring into place. We used our BrewStation for years with very few leakage problems, but each time it leaked I was able to easily fix it. Some of the newer models, like the 47665, eliminated the ring from the design and so have no leaks at all.

Do You Own a Hamilton Beach BrewStation? - Thanks for visiting.

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    • Wendy Leanne profile imageAUTHOR

      Wendy Leanne 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @KSchipper: You are right. I'm about to purchase a Hamilton Beach juicer today. I wanted a juicer, did tons of research, and all the reviews point to the HB being the best value. My Hamilton beach coffee maker is still going strong. We use it every day.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's a great product, all of the hamilton beach collection is top of the line quality.

      Great review as well. Keep up the good work:)

    • texan203 lm profile image

      texan203 lm 

      6 years ago

      I have one, my second. I love the brew station, but it leaks terribly, and I have been unable to rectify it. So I will not be purchasing a second.

      Your lens is great and I agree fully that the Brew Station serves up a fantastic cup of coffee


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