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Happy National Iced Tea Month: 5 Recipes to Celebrate With

Updated on November 8, 2012

I love iced tea more than anything. I could drink it day, night, noon, winter, summer, fall, spring, in the rain, in a get the idea. Then, I found out that June is completely dedicated to it. So, I thought I might celebrate by sharing with you a couple of clever iced tea recipes that I really enjoyed.

No, I'm actually not that good of a cook, I just happened to be an enthusiast...trying other peoples good ideas.

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First Things First!

Why should I drink iced tea anyway?

Why you ask? Great question!

Iced tea (or any type of tea, rather) is full of nutrients that are amazing for your body. Now, I'm not talking about the canned Nestea Brisk stuff, I'm talking the real seeped stuff. These include flavanoids which protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals (atoms or molecules that can be highly reactive) can cause damage to the cell and lead to cancer. Additionally, tea reduces the risk of heart attack, dental cavities, increases bone density, and thoroughly flushes bacteria from your GI tract. That's why the Chinese have been drinking it as far back as ancient civilization. In fact, they considered it an elixir...which it basically is, in the modern sense.

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Iced Tea Pitcher

Want a place to store that awesome iced tea? Here you go!

Good Ol' Fashioned Iced Tea

Here's a really nice recipe for regular iced tea.

Recipes for regular iced tea seem to be pretty universal: 6-8 tea bags, few cups of water varying from, 2-3 cups, boiled, and anywhere for 3/4 to 1 1-1/2. It really all depends on your preference. A couple recipes I stumbled upon suggested that one adds a pinch of baking soda to the mixture to quell the bitterness.

Scroll down for the link to one of the recipes I enjoyed.

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Iced Tea Fruit Infuser

Wanna spice up your iced tea? Here's a great way to do it.

You add whatever fruit you want of your choice. The pitcher will do the rest by allowing the fruit juices to seep into the iced tea.

Tea Punch

This was a very interesting twist on the beloved iced tea recipe.

After brewing the tea, you add pineapple juice, orange juice, ready prepared lemonade, and ginger ale. Then let it stay in the refrigerator for 4 hours. End product? One simply scrumptious and unique concoction! You could defintely impress everyone at your next barbecue with this one.

Scroll down for the recipe!

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Frozen Iced Tea

This recipe is a healthier alternative to ice cream. It can be made by adding a little mint, lemon, and corn syrup instead of sugar to a regular iced tea recipe. After making it--get this--you have to freeze it up to one month for the best results. So even though you may not get to eat it this month at all. But you can get cracking on it today, maybe you can serve it as end-of-June treat.

Scroll down to get the complete recipe

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Thai Tea Float

Okay, you got me. It's not exactly iced tea, but close enough.

I picked this reciped because even I could pull it off --and I'm not that good at cooking--and its pretty cheap. Just make chai tea like the packet instructs and let it cool down. Add 5 scoops of iced cream to a tall glass. Now, pour the cooled tea over the ice cream. Mix the two (or don't, however you roll). Walla! Thai ice cream float.

Now grab a spoon and/or straw and enjoy!

If you want to bookmark this recipe, scroll down for the link.

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Iced Tea Glasses

A place to have your nice cool drink!


(Bet you didn't see this one coming)

In all seriousness though, experiment! Try it with different juices and punches. Mix in some kiwi-strawberry or Hawaiian Punch. Don't like it? Drop a little bit of Mountain Dew or 7Up or cranberry juice. I could sit here and throw up all the amazing recipes I came across, but that's redundant. I really don't want to bore all you lovely people who took the time to come read this.

One amazing recipe, however, is this Boston Iced Tea -- basically iced tea with cranberry juice. Scroll down for the recipe.

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    • braincell2020-2 profile image

      braincell2020-2 5 years ago

      That sounds really yummy. Thanks for stopping by!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I like the idea of adding fruit juice to tea. We used to do half lemonade, half tea, but adding pineapple juice sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • braincell2020-2 profile image

      braincell2020-2 5 years ago

      Neither did I, till I found this recipe. It really is a novel idea.

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 5 years ago

      Well I had never heard of or thought about making frozen iced tea. As much as I love frozen fruit bars I'm sure I'd love iced tea frozen too.