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Healthy Home Cook

Updated on June 26, 2011

Cook Our Own?

Living in a modern lifestyle, cooking might not as difficult as our grand grand grandmothers' era, where no gas, no electricity, no unlimited tap water supply and no well packed cooking ingredients. With today's development and technologies, we are now getting what we need in the kitchen easily. However when take a look at the friends and colleagues, actually not much of them are preparing food by themselves. With such modern and advance kitchen equipments, most of us are claiming that we have no time, no energy and no skill to cook.

How to Prepare a Healthy Food Recipes

When you have decided to cook yourself a healthy food, what you need is just to remember few simple rules as below to maximize the health benefits you may obtain that worth with your effort :

  • Less sugar
  • Less sodium
  • Go for fresh ingredients instead of canned or processed foods
  • Go for fish, whole grains and beans
  • Avoid saturated fat, preservation and artificial component
  • Avoid deep frying

How to Squeeze Out Some Time to Cook for Our Loved One?

In a normal working day, try to make yourself a simple and healthy meal by using steam or quick stir cooking method. Otherwise, oven is also another good choice to cook.

  • Prepare and pack the ingredients that are gonna use in boxes for tomorrow dinner at night and keep them in the refrigerator.
  • Take out the frozen ingredients from the freeze portion and put them in lower portion.
  • Take out the ingredients from refrigerator after work.
  • Put the ingredients in the steamer or oven, set timer.
  • Take out from the steamer after your shower.
  • Now you may start to enjoy your steam seafood or roasted chicken for your dinner


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