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Health Benefits of Hot Green Tea with Ganoderma

Updated on April 14, 2016
A cup of Hot Rooibos Tea
A cup of Hot Rooibos Tea

January is Hot Tea Month

Tea is not a very controversial topic as far as I know. As one of the most consumed beverages around the world,either you like it or you do not. Some people only prefer it hot and some only prefer it cold. Myself, I drink it both ways, but mostly cold for pleasure and hot for health purposes. Whatever the case; despite most American studies of tea relating to the human body, tea has health benefits one only needs to experience personally. Most importantly one must experience the natural benefits of tea coupled with the natural benefits of the number one superior herb, Ganoderma Lucidum. Here is a tribute to three hot teas I use from one particular manufacturer, hot or cold, but delicious and healthier for you.

Green Tea

Experts recognize Green tea as a true tea, benefiting the body with antioxidants as well as illness preventing qualities. Now unite the highly respected green leaf with the super powerful mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum and you have one super powered hot beverage. Additionally, since most people do not like the grittiness of many Green teas, one manufacturer takes special care to provide consumers with the most smooth, potent, and flavorful Green tea possible.

Rooibos Tea

Labeled as an herbal tea, Rooibos (Red) tea comes from South Africa and is a naturally caffeine free tea with a natural sweetness. Because science will not fully support the evidence of herbs, Rooibos tea benefits are open to doubt, but does have relation to improved health from its use. The benefits of Rooibos joined with the many benefits of Ganoderma gives this herbal hot tea an even more powerful punch.

Chai Tea

If you like spice with a touch of smooth and creamy, you will love Chai tea. Many people relate it to the consistency of rice milk, but if you are a Chai tea regular, you know a good Chai is incomparable. Chai is typically black tea mixed with milk, a sweetener and a mix of spices. But, one particular manufacturer uses their brand of Rooibos mixed with a coconut creamer and organic sweeteners to make the Chai experience more health friendly and just as delicious. Now add Ganoderma into this manufacturer’s Chai tea to have a soothing blast of flavor on your taste buds.

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