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Herb Grinder: What Is the Best Herb Grinder for Your Kitchen?

Updated on September 20, 2012

Herb Grinders

As you will soon realize, herb grinders come in a variety of sizes and are made from different materials (for example: metal, wood, or plastic) . Some people prefer acrylic (plastic), while others prefer herb grinders made from wood for their simple construction, and others like a metal herb grinders for their ease of cleaning.

If you like to use fresh herbs in your cooking (like using fresh basil from your garden in your meals), then a metal herb grinder should considered. If you like to grind your herbs for your herbal teas, then a simple wooden herb grinder may be best for you.

NEW AUTHENTIC SMART CRUSHER 2.5" Inch LARGE CNC Aluminum 4 PC Pollen Herb Spice Grinder with a TM logo INCLUDES POLLEN SCRAPER

There are many metal herb grinders. The ones listed below are sorted largest to smallest.

1) 2.5 inch wide Large Herb Grinder

The most common metal used in these herb grinders is aluminum. Some manufacturers will make them out of strong aircraft grade CNC aluminum (like the one pictured on the left). This herb grinder is also large at 2.5 inches. This grinder, in particular, is popular because not only is light weight but it will break up herbs quickly. This grinder comes as a 4 piece set, which means it has 4 chambers. It also contains a stainless steel micro-mesh screen. A nice feature of this herb grinder is that it has textured edges along the sides so when you twist in opposite directions to grind, it makes for an easy gripping surface. Metal grinders are great because it means they are easy to clean after you are done.

Instapark® 2.00" Premium Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder

2) Black 2.0 inch Metal Herb Grinder

This herb grinder is made of a durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It has diamond shaped & CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tooled teeth for easy and very effortless grinding. Most herb grinders feature a 4-chamber design. This unit is no exception and includes a magnetic top, bottom, and a stainless steel micro sieve & pollen catcher. It has a compact size for easy storage and is light weight for easy usage.

2.25" SMART CRUSHER Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder

(non-aluminum grinder)

This herb grinder (pictured on the left) is the best non-aluminum metal herb grinder. The metal alloy that makes up this Crusher grinder is Zinc and Steel, which are much stronger and far superior compared with aluminum. However, these 2 metal are much heavier than aluminum. The heavier weight of the herb grinder makes it feel sturdier in your hand. This grinder also features a unique finishes that makes it feel different to your fingers. This special coating also serves another purpose and minimizes scratches and overall wear & tear usage that happens over time.


Wooden grinders are great for dried herbs, not fresh herbs. So if you plan to grind up fresh basil and oregano picked from your garden for your delicious homemade pasta sauce, you are better off getting a metal herb grinder. Instead of the razor sharp teeth you find in metal grinders, in these wood herb grinders, you will have nails. If you try to grind fresh herbs, it will become mushy. Dried herbs will get stuck between the nails too, but that is easy to fix. All you have to do is to take a small object, like a pen or toothpick or whatever you have laying around and jiggle your dried herb loose. Also, with most wooden herb grinders, there are no screens, so it's very basic with less parts to lose.

Herbs, Tabacco & Spices Grinder by Private Island

A problem with herb grinders made from wood is that cleaning can be hard as the wood will start to absorb whatever herbs you use. So if you use your herb grinder for your herbal teas, you will need to pay attention to cleaning.

Wooden Herb Grinders on Amazon

4 piece Herb Grinder Acrylic with Screen + Stash

Plastic herb grinders can come in a wide array of colors. A problem with plastic herb grinders is that they can start capturing the smell of whatever herb you are using most frequently. So it's important to wash it out frequently. Many people don't like metal herb grinders because a few of those grinders will grind metal into your herbs. So that is something in favor of the acrylic ones as they don't shed plastic. However, many have noticed that they can make a squeaking noise when the plastic parts rub together, This can be fixed by adding a few drops of olive oil or canola oil (or whatever edible oil you have around your kitchen). Also, the "teeth" used in the grinding are made of acrylic plastic so they will wear down over time. The herb grinders made from wood or metal will have teeth that last much longer.

Assorted Economy Acrylic Herb Grinder #4409

Compact Electric Herb Grinder


Electric herb grinders allow you to grind your favorite herbs to the the consistency that you want with the push of a button. The electric herb grinder pictured on the left uses 3 AAA batteries. If you find the speed to be slow, you may need to change your batteries. With fresh new batteries, the multiple blades in the device can grind your herbs in only a few seconds. Whether you like your herbs chopped coarsely or ground into a fine powder, an electric herb grinder can make things easier. The unit (pictured on the left) has a large clear processing compartment that can hold a lot of your herbs, which can save you time in having to grind multiple batches. It's also great if you have problems with your wrists. The non-electric herb grinder requires your energy to grind the herbs.

Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder

A good electric grinder can grind spices and nuts quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a nutmeg grinder or grinder to grind hard nuts and spices, you will need an electric grinder to do the job.

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      Very cool. I didn't know you could buy herb grinders. These look really useful in the kitchen.

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