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Koozies Drink Holder Insulated Neoprene Team Football Holiday Wedding

Updated on April 16, 2014

Holiday monogrammed college team neoprene koozies

Koozies, what a unique name for a drink cooler! But they sure are handy. What a great idea! They come in so many colors and designs and themes. It is great to have them on hand for all occasions.Coozies are a simple yet exceedingly efficient design and they can be individualized and customized using logos and what ever photo or design necessary to show the company or sport. They are utterly inexpensive and there are assorted other functions that can be imaged for custom-made coozies.They can even be utilized for a wedding or party favor. They are perfect for out door barbecues, whether at home, at the park, or at a tailgating party. You can get custom koozies personalized with monograms for a party, or funny koozies. There are even bottle koozies available with zippers, these are great for soda, beer or water. When you want to keep a cold drink cold, or even a hot drink hot, a perfect personally held item is the koozie cooler.

Remote Controlled Beer Pager

Remote Controlled Beer Pager (Version: Biker)
Remote Controlled Beer Pager (Version: Biker)

Never lose your suds with the Beer Pager! It's the perfect gift for the biker who knows every street in Sturgis but forgets where he left his beer. If you can hold a keychain, you can master the Beer Pager. Just drop your favorite drink into the koozie Beer Pager and you're set to forget. Click the keychain-sized remote and the Beer pager lets rip a satisfying motorcycle engine roar and flash colorful lights so you can easily find your drink. The coozy Beer Pager makes a great gift for any biker.


Coleman Insulated Can Holder

Coleman 5712A756 Insulated Can Holder, colors may vary
Coleman 5712A756 Insulated Can Holder, colors may vary

# Keep it cold even after you take it out of the cooler

# Sized to fit most car cup holders

# Red, blue or silver


Koozie party college team When you are trying to raise funds for a charity or sports team or other organization, this a great way to accomplish that. Order koozies from a company that does monogrammed or personalized koozies, with your team logo or the name of the charity on it. You can sell them with or with out a beverage in them, or give them away for a donation. It is something that the donor will use again and again. This continued use will then help people to remember your charity or cause from the fundraiser.

Foam Camouflage Can Insulators koozie

Foam Camouflage Can Insulators/koozie (12 Pack)
Foam Camouflage Can Insulators/koozie (12 Pack)

* Fits standard 12 oz can or standard bottle

* 12 insulators per pack

* Camo pattern

* Foam and foldable

* Reuseable


Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Silver Can Chillers

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Silver Can Chillers, Set of 2
Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Silver Can Chillers, Set of 2

* When frozen, 2 sleeves chill cans of beverage and keep them chilled for hours

* Sleeves' 6 pockets contain special liquid that freezes solid

* Sleeves slip over standard-size cans; each sleeve 4 inches high

* Flexible and virtually unbreakable

* Printed in silver with lines to resemble cracked ice


Beer Pager - Larry the Cable Guy

RC Products Larry The Cable Guy Remote Controlled Koozie Beer Pager (Bl./Yellow)
RC Products Larry The Cable Guy Remote Controlled Koozie Beer Pager (Bl./Yellow)

It's not just a Beer Koozie....the Larry the Cable Guy Beer Pager is the latest in the Beer Pager line. We've all been there before: you're at wit's end looking for that missing beer. If only Larry the Cable Guy could pop in and find your brewski. Thanks to modern technology, he can. His Beer Pager shouts out classic lines so you'll be enjoying your drink in no time. Includes classic Larry the Cable Guy lines, such as "GIT-R-DONE!" This Beer Koozie keeps your beer or soda cold and comes with a remote control and built in alarm, just in case it is misplaced.


Do you want to support your favorite sports team and enjoy your favorite beverage nice and cold? Then buy a coozie! If you love to have your beer or other beverage perfectly chilled and all the same continue to have warm hands, you simply need to have a coozie or koozie (I have found both spellings, buy I will use Coozie). A Coozie is essentially a textile or a foam container that keeps the temperature of a beverage from rising or falling. Usually they are used for chilled or cold beverages. A great fun idea is to have a coozie with your favorite team's Logo on it. This can make you feel like you are a great fan and show others who you support! Try to collect all your favorites. Another great thing about Coozies is that they come in different sizes and shapes. They will fit a can or glass, they also come ready to zip around a bottle, and even in the event that you have a wine glass, they even have some to fit those too! There is just no excuse not to have Coozies!

Magnetic Coozies - 5 Pack

Magnetic Beverage Coolies
Magnetic Beverage Coolies

Freedom for your beverage! Our neoprene coozies feature The American Tailgater logo and will maintain the chill of your beverage. The super-strong magnets will keep a full bottle firmly attached to any metal surface. Our favorite use is putting it on the side of the vehicle while we're tailgating! Save with the 5-pack special. Includes one each of the following colors: Red, Green, Black, Blue, Purple.


College sports team party neoprene koozies Here is a great idea to boost your team spirit! Use a team koozie for a party or tailgating event. Koozies can have different names or designs on them They are like can holders or sleeves. Koozies are a great way to represent different companies for marketing different types of beverages. Numerous companies attached to the drink business have used Koozies as a promotional instrument as they are a cheap advertisement tool. Basically the logos of different companies or teams or sports groups are printed on a Koozie cylinder made of foam with a base made of foam also. Thus you have company koozies or Team koozies or sports koozies.

Neoprene Holiday zippered koozies The material that the beer koozie or team koozie or sports koozie is made of can be many different types of foam. Most of the times neoprene is used for beer. There are a few companies that make koozies for 40 oz bottles of malt liquor. The fabric of the koozie can be anything but has to be one that holds the temperature of the beverage steady and keeps the hands warm. For water bottles or soda bottles, you will find water bottle koozies with convenient zippers.

You will even find wine glass koozies with zippers. This is a great ides for an outdoor party or wedding. Your guests can use the koozie and then take it home from the party or wedding and have a party favor.

Holiday wedding momogrammed party koozies A swell way to encourage your brand or team or sport is to make the best use of individualized name koozies or sports koozies. If you have a new product to market, then koozies are the most effective items to use. You can make your clients and customers refreshed offering them a beverage in a koozie with your name on it. There are many different designs to koozies. Bring a koozie with you and savor your beverages while on the go.Are you looking at a product like koozies that can most effectively fit the demands of promotional productions? It can be either your preferred beer or beverage or even a sports energy drink that is coming on the market. There can even be koozies with sports personalities on them. You can have the team colors also on your sports koozies.. This can surely promote the team spirit.


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