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how To cook: Introduction

Updated on November 20, 2011

Ok, since this is an introduction, I will begin by introducing myself. I am Gale's Girl. I am old enough to have been cooking for a rather long time, but young enough to be familiar with the new trends. I am NOT a professional chef, and I remember well what it was like to read a recipe and not understand half of what they were saying. I used to have to look terms up. In fact, sometimes I still do.

This blog will be a series of articles designed to help the beginner learn how to cook. I will start simply and go toward more involved techniques, and even add some recipes. I welcome feedback and comments, and will do my absolute best to address any questions, concerns, or requests that may show up.

The idea is to take you from a place where you cannot boil water, to a place where you have the foundation of skills to create recipes as well as follow one. Above all, cooking is supposed to be fun, and eating what you have created is supposed to be a pleasant adventure.

Happy cooking everyone!

Some Things to Shoot For


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