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Burger dale - Asian's deep fry or stir fry mash potato

Updated on October 4, 2011

Burgerdale - Asian's mash potato

Many people may ask what is burger-dale? Burger-dale is a famous dish in Asian's country mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia. Normally it will be served together with noodle soup called soto or meehoon sup. For some local, they love to eat it on it's own. It is very similar to fried wanton where Chinese people love to have it with a specially made sauce, soup or even with fried rice.

There are several ways to cooked the burger-dale, traditionally it will go into deep frying pan or you just can stir fry it with butter. Different way of cooking the dish will give exiting taste and fantastic flavor. My recommendation, try stir frying and serve it with spicy meatball (my way). You can always have it as your meal starter to build up your appetite.

Burger-dale are made of these ingredients : potato, garlic, onion, white pepper, black pepper, salt, egg, parsley, cheese, butter and cooking oil.

Preparation of ingredients

How to prepare mash potato

Here some tips to prepare the mash potato Asian's style. The ingredients are 4-5 potatoes (peel the skin off) medium size (my recommendation used Holland potato), 3 clove of garlic, 1/2 onion, 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper and 1 tablespoon fine chopped parsley. Next, cut the potato into cubes then pound it together with chopped parsley, add a pinch or two salt and 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper until the ingredient are mash and well mixed. Then pound or blend the garlic tougher with onion finely. Mix all the ingredients evenly to that you won't miss out one of the flavors. Give your pan or wok a medium heat and 4 tablespoon of cooking oil.(not too much oil) then place all the mixture in pan and cook it until it become thick and solid.(don't over fry it). Then let it rest 15-20 minutes before shape it Into oval,round or even square shapes, you will need to use both hand to get it done.(make sure your hands and nails are clean) or otherwise use disposable latex culinary disposable glove.

Cooking style

Deep frying or strir fry?

After shaping the potato the shape you desire, now it's the time to choose the cooking option deep-fry or stir fry. For an appetizer choose stir fry, as your dish will be less oily and more healthy compare to deep frying, however it is, you may try both options.


What you need for the final coat is to prepare 3 egg yolks. Deep in the burger-dale into the yolk and it is ready to fry on a pan. Use medium heat and stir fry using butter until it gets brown and golden color (takes 1-2 minutes each side). To enhance the flavor you may add mozzarella or normal sandwich cheese on top of the burger-dale while it is cooking on the pan, let the cheese melt like a lava!


The preparation process are almost the same, the only differences are method of cooking and no cheese on top of the superb dish.

*Optional : add sprinkles of black pepper on top of the burger-dale.

Preparation of meat ball

Spicy meat ball

You can buy ready made meat ball from supermarket to make your cooking easier. Things you need to prepare your spicy meat balls are tabasco, oregano and rosemary leaf. Heat your pan using medium heat (use butter), place in your meat balls, then sprinkles all the ingredient in, cooked it until it gets brownish in color , it is done and ready to be serve.

The taste you will never forget,the recipes from the heart!

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      This recipe sounds yummy. Nicely done! :)

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