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How I fell in Love With Betty, My Whirlpool Microwave Oven

Updated on November 14, 2014
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat enjoys cooking and was once a hot-foods worker in a previous life. She enjoys passing on tips for home chefs of all levels.

Recently I broke up with my old microwave, or rather she broke up with me, and after only four years. It broke my heart since she sure was pretty with her cherry red finish and I thought I'd found my microwave soul mate. But still after a seventy dollar investment you think she would have stayed around longer. My mother warned me about her.

So I started seeing a microwave I met online. Only she was a real downer of a date. Dead on arrival and the trouble I had arranging a ride to take her to the bricks and mortar store for an exchange was unbelievable There I made an even exchange for a microwave I found to be short in the looks department. Call me shallow, but she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Still, I told myself. Take her home and treat her right. Turned out she didn't like me at all, or at least her power setting button didn't. So back she went for a refund. By now I was developing a superstition my friend told me. I had to get back on the woman/microwave horse and find my one true love.

And I did Boy, was she beautiful! And boy was she too big to fit under my cabinets! And boy did she really run 1,000 watts? But she had a smaller sister. Only everyone hated her smaller sister so bad they even called her garbage on the manufacturer's website.

Well, I'd seen Betty too (named in honor of Betty White at first sight in my kitchen) and she sure was cute as a button. But at only 0.5 cubic feet she sounded too small to appeal to me. Still she would fit under my cabinets. But I had already had my heart broken by three microwaves I thought were The One. She won't be any different, I told myself.

But Amazon would have my back so I took the leap. After researching her reviews on four or five other sites of course. And my Betty had a fanbase. Most people loved her can-do attitude. And they were proud to share photos. Soon enough she arrived and the first thing I noticed was how much better she was packed than the el cheapo models I'd had let me down. Betty cost a little more than double what they did, but there is truth in the old adage. You really do get what you pay for.

And she was even cuter in person. I mean pictures do not do her justice. And best of all, she worked! Popcorn, soup, mac and cheese she handled then all. And yes a popcorn button is actually useful. Betty is the first microwave I ever tried it out on and at 750 watts she is more powerful than my last three microwaves.

It has taken a little settling in. She has a pressure sensitive keys beneath the door with only several buttons and you toggle in the time. Which is actually pretty easy. Plus she is loaded with all the features like defrost and popcorn that you would expect and many you might not. Like the ability to add time in several different increments, a 30 second button that runs at 100 percent power, and a light that works when you open the door and shuts itself off if you leave the door open. Great feature!

Plus she is built differently than most microwaves with a higher base inside so I don't have to stoop over to see in or put food in. She's big enough for a even my large Sistema steamer plate and tall enough for my needs, but no she won't fit anything too tall. Still, she will fit frozen meals, pizza and plates of leftovers with no problem.

If I wanted to do anything really big I would have gotten a bigger microwave. But for my needs, mainly popcorn, leftovers, frozen meals and the occasional cooking spree she should do just fine. And of course once she was out of the box and in my kitchen it was love at first sight.

You know it is love when you think even her little chirps to let you know your food is done are cute. She's also quiet when she runs and her bright blue LED display is super easy for me to read. (And I have poor vision.) She is also super safe and tells me if I had the door shut for over a minute without using her. Because the display will read DOOR and Betty will not cook until her door is opened and shut.

Why? Well I don't have kids of my own, but this would prevent children or pets (or even me) from accidentally programming her to work and possibly running an empty microwave. She even has the ability to lock her controls for additional safety.

So massive kudos to Whirlpool for a job well done. I'm freed from annoying keypads and loads of buttons I never used. She is small, about 14 inches tall and deep, and she runs well. She also defrosts by weight, has a handy cooking method guide in her instruction manual (useful dos and don'ts in there as well) and she can even go into the corner thanks to her corner-friendly design to save up counter space.

Betty has to be the best microwave I've ever fallen in love with. She also comes in two other colors! You can look below and see my brag book of personal photos. Enjoy!

A lovely overview!

A lovely overview!

Photo Gallery

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See? My Sistema  large soup mug fit great!Easy to read display!Her first photo! Love her super bright interior.Easy to use buttons.
See? My Sistema  large soup mug fit great!
See? My Sistema large soup mug fit great!
Easy to read display!
Easy to read display!
Her first photo! Love her super bright interior.
Her first photo! Love her super bright interior.
Easy to use buttons.
Easy to use buttons.


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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Jerzimom: Thank you so very much, CherylFay! Hugs! :)

    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 

      4 years ago from Ladysmith, WI

      Awesome review!


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