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How To Apply Edible Cake Art

Updated on September 3, 2012

How to Apply Edible Cake Art

There are a lot of Edible Cake Art images available to decorate your cake with. There are some simple steps to follow while applying Edible Cake Art to your cake. While you are applying cake art make sure your hands are clean and dry! When using Edible Cake Art a little moisture on your icing is needed to ensure that your image sticks good. If you are having trouble keeping your icing moist simply have a spray bottle to mist when needed. If you are using a frozen cake let the cake thaw somewhat before trying to decorate. Make sure if you get air bubbles in your edible cake art that you do not rub it out. Just poke the air bubble to try to get the air out.

Treasure your Edible Cake Art - Make your cake special

When storing your Edible Cake Art make sure you put it back in the silver foil that it came in. Make sure that after opening and removing the art that you need to reseal the package to keep others from drying out. If for some reason your art drys out simply add a little moisture. If you are having a hard time removing the image from the backing just put it back in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Get Wild with Edible Cake Art

Make your cake look and great

When applying Edible Cake Art to fondant or sugar paste apply water with a paint brush to the desires area you are gonna place your image. This will keep you image from sliding and ensure that it sticks good. Working with Edible Cake Art is fun and exciting. You can make your cake look fun, professional and fabulous! Don't settle for less just because you are afraid to try applying Edible Cake Art it is not as hard as you may think. The benefits of Edible Cake Art are well worth the few extra steps it takes to put it on. Get wild with your ideas there is something for everyone with Edible Cake Art. There are numerous Edible Cake Art Images available for your cake.

Edible Cake Art

Design your own cake

Edible Cake Art is a way to make a statement! Not only does Edible Cake Art look fantastic it is a fun way to express your inner artist! Release your creativity with Edible Cake Art. Nothing says awesome like a cake that has design and attitude. Make your cake stand out in a crowd. Edible Cake Art is a great way to show off your talent. The art of decorating cakes is fun and rewarding. If you have always wanted to decorate cake but have been to afraid to attempt it don't let it intimidate you. Give it a try you might be surprised how much fun it really is. Create your own masterpiece then set back and watch everyone enjoy your work! Take pictures before they cut into the cake though!! You don't want to miss putting the picture in your cake portfolio

Cakes that Inspire - Make your cake amazing

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