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Minnesota Cooking: Cookbook Advocates - Go to Barn and Select Young Chicken

Updated on September 6, 2016

My favorite Cookbooks are the older ones

Many times, when I go to the 'Thrift Store' I specifically go look at their cookbook section. Usually someone has passed away and their family has donated all their cookbooks.

My favorite cookbooks are the books that were printed in the thirties through the fifties. I did run across a cookbook one time that I put on eBay. I ended up selling it to a woman in another state. She asked if it was the only one I had. My personal reaction was, "Oh, darn it, I should have held out for more money." Well, it turned out that she was in the cookbook and I helped her locate many more copies for each of her grandchildren.

She had been in the Pillsbury Bakeoff. She said that Pillsbury had offered all of the winners copies of the cookbook that they were featured in. She had not been interested at the time. Well, years later, it turned out that the grandchidlren were quite impressed and enthralled that 'Grandma' was in the Bakeoff and all wanted copies.

That is where I volunteered my services to find some more copies. So, every time I went on eBay, I'd do a search for the cookbook. If I found one, I'd email her.

That is why I like that particular cookbook.

Cookbooks are fun to collect. I love to look at the interesting ways that they cooked, in the days before I was born.

I have a closet shelf filled with cookbooks. I like the pamphet style books. I love the clothes that they wore. I love looking at the typestyles that the recipes are typed in. The wording that they use. All of that!

These are the boxes I love...

my husband brought home a box of cookbooks...

Old cookbooks. One of his mom's friends had bid on an auction and the box of books was something that she 'ended up with'.


So, now I have them.

Cool... so what's in the box?

Love the Old Pictures

There's meal specific cookbooks.

The Church Cookbooks

These cookbooks are awesome because they took all the women and men and polled them for the recipes of the items they'd cook or bring to potlucks or cook at the church. Their favorite recipes. I love the old cookbooks because you'd end up with Mrs. Smith's incredible casserole recipe, or Carol's Potato Salad... you know, the one with the chunks of egg in it.. Yes. I love those old books!

Did you know that people eat something called moose muzzle?

Whether you refer to it as Moose Muzzle or Moose Muffle.. it's still the front of the moose's face.

Apparently it is good tasting. I couldn't say, since I haven't tried it. I really don't have access right now to a moose to try it, however, there are Moose in northern Minnesota and apparently I could hunt them if I were so motivated..

but, you know, I hail from up North, and I remember being quite afraid of moose as a youngster and I really don't think I could actually feel comfortable hunting them without screaming.

I have tried deer hunting, which I find paralyzing... so, moose, which is a lot bigger, would probably numb me out.

Cooking for a Crowd

These are he cookbooks that explain how to do appetizers and dips and how to make all sorts of yummy things for a party.

I got a kick out of the front of this book... so I enlarged it..


Do you suppose this could double as a Cannibal Cookbook.

Honey, what is for dinner? You are...

Vegetable Cookbooks

Different ways to prepare vegetables.

Spice Use

How to achieve he proper blend of spices.

Way back when... can you imagine..

I still remember deep frying a chunk of steak on a metal stick at my brother's house.

It was snobbish to fondue...

You have to realize that this was the 70's.. deep frying had probably not caught on... I mean, I heard stories about my brothers and sisters making donuts when mom and dad would leave them alone in the 60's... but, who knows.. maybe deep frying has been around forever.

Who is to say for sure?

Do you want me to reveal what Creative Cooks cook?

just a minute.. let me open it...

okay, here's one: Cucumber a La Creme .. Cucumber Soup.

like, first you cook the cucumbers.. then you make a flour gravy and stir in cream. Then, you chill it and thin it with more cream. Then, to make it fancy, you cut some FRESH cucumbers and garnish it.

Wow. It makes me hungry for creamed cucumbers. You know. Pickled ones. Not a big batch, but, just enough to crunch your teeth through...


I remember visiting my sister in the mid-seventies and she had a stove like this. You put wood in it and tried to maintain the temperature.

I was going to say that I really appreciate cooking on my electric range, but REALLY... we grill all the time, so.. have people really gone very far from this art of cooking?

And, here it is... the Black Book of cooking...

yeah.. sounds pretty good, but, it's just the hand typed recipes, the clippings glued on to paper with paper punch holes to make it stay in this three ring binder.

I am pleased to report that there are so really good recipes for frosting and coleslaw that I will cherish forever!!!!

How about you?

Do you collect old cookbooks?

See results

Wouldn't it Be Fun to Have a Club

Wouldn't it be fun to get a vintage recipe each month. Like a page from a vintage cookbook. Just for fun.Let me know what you think of the idea.

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    • profile image

      marsha32 6 years ago

      I found a Home Ec cook book on the shelf in my mother's basement that my great aunt used in school. She used it in 1937. I couldn't wait to teach the girls out of it. It was so cool!! I still have it on a shelf and will keep it always.

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 6 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Charity shops in country towns are great sources - little local books preserving country recipes especially. Beware the ones that start "Take four large hens and killt hem" ...