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how to eat prawns

Updated on July 24, 2013

Prawns have ten legs and appear blue- grey before they are cooked, turning into pink when they are cooked. The most difficult part in prawns is the preparation to eat them! This is because of the peeling that has to be done in order to eat. It is usually a hustle for the uninitiated but learning the ropes won’t take much of your time. In order to successfully eat a prawn, you have to be able to peel it.

This you can do by holding in one hand and using it to bend the legs downwards. Remember they are ten legs hence tact. You can then use the other hand to hold the head using the fingers in a vice like grip. If the head had not been removed, twist it down as you would a screw. The head is usually not eaten, so you can discard it. You can then cut off the legs and then raise the shell as you would raise a tent when you want to enter inside.

You can remove any eggs that could be found in the body. You can remove the tail by pulling it away from the body. It should come off in one piece, leaving behind a fleshy, edible part required hereto remove the head. Prawns make a healthy diet and are best eaten cold rather than warm. They can be eaten on their own or can be accompanied with spices and vegetables. You can add salad, garlic and salt to your prawns, it makes a tasty delicacy. Prawns can literally be eaten with anything saucy so you should not be limited in your choice for accompaniments.

There are a variety of recipes that are available for you to experiment with. For instance you can have barbecued prawns, pan fried prawns, broiled lemon prawns, marinated and garlic prawns. The idea is to tinker with what will work best depending on the available recipes. You can have it sauteed, add lemon and a sprinkling of parsley for a different taste.

Prawns are considered the preserve of the rich, mostly found in Italian restaurants and other exclusive resorts. This however need not be the case. You need to savour a delicacy of the prawn by either going for a wild fishing for the prawn or buying it locally. Learning to skin a prawn as well as experimenting with the various available recipes will assure you of a nail biting session in your next meal appointment. Enjoy!


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