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Minnesota Cooking: Fresh Pineapple - Cooking it Using Your Electric Grill

Updated on November 27, 2016

Grilling pineapple is easy

Start with a fresh pineapple. Cut off the outside, remove the core.

Peel and slice into rings. I sliced mine an inch thick, but it would work sliced thinner. If you wish a grilled slice on your burger, a thinner slice would be better for biting.

Mix together butter, honey and lime juice in a glass dish and microwave it until it is melted. Coat your pineapple. You can let the pineapple sit in this mixture to let the flavor soak in. A good indicator of time is: when the butter cools enough that it solidifies on your pineapple, it has marinated long enough.

You put the pineapple on the grill and let it cook. The heat will caramelize the honey. Turn your pineapple to get grill marks.

New Polaroid

New Polaroid
New Polaroid

You Can Prepare Ahead

Your pineapple rings can sit for a while with the butter on them. The butter will harden, but this is okay. My son in law had an issue when he cooked his. The grill ran out of gas.

The Flavor

The flavor of grilled pineapple will rival the sweetest candy that you can buy. The brown sugar and butter combines with the flavor of the pineapple, resulting in a caramelized coating. We like to use our electric grill, although at this time, our grill has decided to break.

When you buy a Char- Broil infrared grill, the instruction manual tells you that you must unplug your cord from the unit and store in a drawer away from your grill. You may not leave it plugged in but must unplug it after each use. We did not unplug ours and the grill lasted a mere three years. The sales person online informed us that the grill would have lasted a lot longer had we done it correctly.

We usually purchase a new grill every couple years so we can try out the newest technology so we had no interest in keeping ours going. It would have cost more to buy a replacement cord than it would have to buy a whole new grill.


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