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Easy To Make Cake Pops

Updated on October 6, 2014

How To Make Cake Pops

Your POPular Bite Cakes

(How to make and decorate Cake Pops)

If there is one thing kids would always love to eat every snack time that would be something that suits their watering mouths. A snack that would afford them munches but spares them the burden of using utensils… something like CAKE POPS!

Cake pops are gathered cake crumbs formed together into bite-size munchkins and are sometimes dipped into some jellies or most commonly, chocolate melts. This trending pastry went out of just being a children snack into a more special offering during occasions, some starting to make them for gift-giving too! This dessert is so practical for you could make use of unfinished cakes as alternatives from store bought packages.

Here are some recipe ideas that would surely turn those plain pastry balls into eye-popping and mouth-watering surprises for the sweet-toothed children and special visitors.

Making the Pops

The Massive Base Ingredient. Making the cake pops is as easy as molding spheres in your clay. As said earlier, you could make use of spare cakes from the refrigerator, or you could bake using some cake mix. If you are after the cake mix, simply mix it with a cup of water, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and four pieces egg. If you would desire, you could couple the batter with some pudding mix. Just bake it for 35 minutes over a 350° Fahrenheit heat.

After baking and cooling the cake, you could start making a couple of crumbs. These crumbs would serve as the massive ball for our bite-size pops.


The Cream

For the cream that will be used to support the coagulation of the crumbs, you will need the following:

One block of cream cheese (preferably 8oz)


A teaspoon of vanilla

2lbs powdered sugar

¼ cup of milk

Simply mix all of the ingredients of the cream in a large bowl and you're done. The icing must be measured proportional to your bread crumbs, as higher or lower amount could cause too liquid or too crumby cake pops.

The Balls. Once the cream-crumbs mixture turns like dough, get portions of the mixture and mold them into balls (preferably walnut-shaped). Chill the spheres overnight. For you to make use of the pop sticks, you will need some candy melts that would serve as your "food glue". These candy melts could be bought from pastry shops or in package at groceries. Dip the end of the pop sticks (the portion where the stick will be inserted) to

the candy melts, and refrigerate the pops back while preparing for your decorations.

Decorating Cake Pops

CHOCOLATEly Elegant!

The easiest way to decorate your cake pops, this chocolate design never missed out if we are to say cake pops. It is the easiest decoration but is the hardest delight to resist, especially for kids! Simply have some milk or white chocolate melts and off you go with dipping the balls cleanly and have them chilled.

Just make sure your chocolate melts are not too liquid for them not to just freely flow off and end up a mess. You could make use of the remaining chocolate melts by making them thicker and put them into a pipe bag with smaller-holed tip. You could have white chocolate for a milk chocolate coat or vice versa, or you could go with a combination. Make swirls or crisscross or dots or anything that you could scribe off the balls.

It's so easy and fun you could have this decoration time a bonding time with your kids!

A Flock of SHEEPops!

This design is the easiest to look at but is calling for some effort in the making. The goal of this design is to turn the balls into sheep; and it is not just an ordinary sheep, but is a mallow-candy-chocolate coated sheep pops. These "sheep pops" would surely become a hit in children's parties or outdoor thanksgiving celebrations.

For this design you will be needing marshmallows, candy melts, chocolate melts, candy sprinkles, fondant, toothpicks, and shorter pop sticks. First you need to have miniature marshmallows; to do that, simply snip the mallows into quarters. Make sure you snip them proportionately to avoid tedious placement adjustments. Your candy melts would serve as the food glue between the marshmallows and the plain cake pops.

Next, you are to dip the edge of the mallows with the candy melts and paste the coated portion to the cake pop. It is preferable if you are to paste the bits vertically. Do this until the entire surface is completely covered. Once all the marshmallows have settled into the cake pops, slowly dip the ball into the candy melts. This technique would ensure that the mallows are intact and it also gives additional use to the candy melts - flavor.

Now that you are done with the sheep's body, then you are to form the head. Do so by rolling a ball of fondant and mold them into a sheep's head. Use some portions of the fondant to flatten for its teardrop ear designs. Use the toothpick to connect the head to the body, just make sure that the toothpick was in enough length and that it was also dipped in candy melts.

One important reminder: Since you have put toothpick for the design, make sure to warn everybody to remove the toothpick once the pops are to be eaten. To better enhance the mallow head, dip it in white or milk chocolate melts after it was attached to the body. Use chocolate sprinkles for the sheep's eyes.

With these decoration ideas, you are assured that what you will be serving are not cake balls, but are pop surprises! More than a delicious treat in the table, you may want to have them as gifts for your special someone! Come on, all you have to do is to have those chocolates melted and you will have your instant professional-looking but home-made cake pops!


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    • MikeRobbers LM profile image

      MikeRobbers LM 5 years ago

      This is really cute, and tasty. Thanks for sharing this lens, it's funny and delicious!

    • profile image

      mizrae 5 years ago

      What a very clever snack idea, better even than cupcakes.