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How to Make French Toast On Your Own

Updated on May 20, 2013

This simple way of how to make french toast will be very useful when you want to make your own breakfast. These days, the food you buy outside might be not really good for your health. There are lots of dangerous ingredients that are used freely for those food vendors. Moreover, if you want to lead a healthy life, cooking your own food is one way of doing it. There is also the advantage of having to reduce your meal spending because cooking for yourself is relatively cheaper than eating outside. This French Toast is perfect for your breakfast. It will give you enough energy for the day, but it will not be too heavy so you can still do all your morning activity as usual. Here you will learn. how to make french toast the simple way

How To Make French Toast’ Instruction:

Here are the steps:

- First you will need to prepare the ingredients. You will need at least one egg for every loaf of the bread you are going to make. For a starter, let us have three eggs for three loaves of bread. You will also need milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. The cooking utensils you will need are bowled to mix the egg, frying pan and egg beater.

- After all the ingredients and utensils are prepared, next, crack the egg in the bowl. Add milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract to create the taste. This is only one way on how to make french toast. You can always add another ingredient to the egg that you think can make the toast into your taste. Beat the egg so it mixed with the other ingredients.

- After that, damp the loaf of bread in the egg until all parts of the loaf are soaked with the egg mixture.

- Time to toast. Prepare the frying pan and heat it with oil. Once the frying pan is ready, turn heat down into the medium and toast the loaf of bread.

- Turn to the other side when one side has cooked well and turn into golden. Do it to the other two sides and once it is ready, serve it on a plate,

That’s all in how to make french toast. It is not really hard so even if you are an amateur in cooking, you can still do it. At first you might make some mistakes and end up burnt the bread. The key is keeping the heat under medium. If the heat is too high, it might burn the outside of the bread while the inside is not yet cooked. Experimentation is the best way to know when you should turn the bread and went to take it off the frying pan.

The mixture of the egg can be a field for experiments too. You can try adding other spices to the mixture or changing the milk with something else. This will create a different taste to the Frecnh Toast. You can make french toast of your own using the same steps on how to make french toast, but different ingredients.


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