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How to Make Healthy French Fries in Sunflower Oil

Updated on September 26, 2011
Gordon Hamilton profile image

Gordon loves cooking and experimenting with food. He loves making new dishes, particularly with unusual or under-used ingredients.

It would probably be fair to say that French Fries have never been particularly noted for their health giving properties and that the concept of how to make healthy French Fries is not one to which most people would afford much credibility. French Fries are rather considered one of the most dangerous of all forms of junk food in the amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats which they contain. This by no means, however, precludes the possibility of making healthy French Fries and that is precisely what I hope to prove below.

Fast Food French Fries

In recent times, French Fries from fast food outlets have changed in that they are most often not fried in saturated beef fat but in vegetable oil. Many people will therefore believe that this makes them a healthier option. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth as they still contain the chemical additives that "allegedly" give them flavour and help to preserve them during storage. This means that French Fries from fast food restaurants contain a lot more than simple potato.

Healthy French Fries - Potatoes, Oil and Salt

There are three ingredients only in the healthy French Fries which I prepare. There are potatoes, sunflower oil and a very little reduced-sodium salt to add flavour. There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives and the French Fries are made fresh, not frozen.

The first step in making healthy French Fries is to pour a little sunflower oil on to a baking sheet. Just enough to give the baking sheet a coating when the oil is heated. Around about a tablespoonful should be sufficient. Put the baking sheet in to the oven and switch the oven on to preheat to 400F/200C/Gas Mark 6.

Peel a large King Edward potato (or similar suitable variety) and cut in to quarter inch thick slices, then chop each slice in to quarter inch thick French Fries. Put approximately one tablespoon of sunflower oil in to a large bowl and season with reduced sodium salt. Add the potato strips and mix carefully but thoroughly to ensure even coating.

Spread the potato pieces evenly on the hot baking sheet and put it in to the oven. After five minutes, remove the sheet and shake it, to prevent sticking and ensure even cooking. Repeat five minutes later. After the second shaking, turn the oven up to maximum and leave the french Fries for five more minutes (total cooking time: fifteen minutes) to crisp up. Remove from the baking sheet on to some kitchen towel to remove any excess oil and serve immediately.

Healthy Turkey Burger and French Fries

It is very rare for any burger and Fries recipe to be described as healthy. This spicy turkey burger and French Fries recipe is an exception, however. It is healthy, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Why not try it out for yourself? 

In the UK, French Fries are Called Chips

Here in the UK, we like our chips much thicker cut than French Fries. Very often, when I am preparing chips in a similar way to the above, I do not even peel the potato. The procedure for making chips in this way is exactly the same as the French Fries, except they will take about half an hour to cook, rather than fifteen minutes. The chips should be shaken after ten and twenty minutes but the oven should be kept at a constant 400F/200C/Gas Mark 6 throughout. 

Are you Going to Make these Healthy French Fries?

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    • wpcooper profile image

      Finn Liam Cooper 5 days ago from Los Angeles

      they sound pretty good. i want to make some.