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How to Make Healthy Granola at Home

Updated on August 2, 2012
Homemade Granola
Homemade Granola | Source

Recipe for Nutritious, High-Energy Granola

Making granola at home may not be as quick as buying it at the store, but it's certainly healthier, and tastier too. The following recipe is the best I've found and it's quickly become a family favourite. It will make 16 servings at the very least, but can easily be stored for long periods of time without going stale.

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Cook Time

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 30 min
Ready in: 40 min
Yields: 16 servings of granola cereal


  • 2 cups mixed seeds and nuts
  • 6 cups rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup dried unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • salt to taste
  • 1 cup dried fruit
Bowl of Homemade Granola
Bowl of Homemade Granola | Source
Nutritious and Delicious Granola
Nutritious and Delicious Granola | Source


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. Place the seeds, nuts, oats, cinnamon, coconut, honey, maple syrup and salt in a large mixing bowl and combine well.
  3. Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove the granola from the oven and add the dried fruit to the blend
  5. Cool it on a rack, stirring from time to time until it reaches room temperature.

Notes & Tips

*Store the granola in an air-tight container, where it will keep indefinitely.

*In step 3, the browner the granola becomes without burning, the crunchier it will be.

*Serve this dish with fresh milk or Greek yoghurt.

*If you don't want to use dried fruit, why not try garnishing the granola with fresh fruit such as strawberries, bananas or apples right before eating?

*The best seeds and nuts to use in this recipe are sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, cashews, chopped walnuts and/or almonds.


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    • Lizolivia profile image

      Lizolivia 5 years ago from Central USA

      Thank you for the recipe, I'll be making this soon. It's difficult to find processed cereals that don't contain some genetically modified grains, corn in particular, and oats and rice are questionable. High fructose corn syrup has been made even worse by using gm'd corn, and most forms of soy are gm'd also.

      If I may include a suggestion; to boost the nutritional content, add 1 or 2 Tbs of ground flax seed for fiber and omega 3, and blueberries at serving time. For the milk, I would use either coconut or almond milk instead of cow's (dairy) milk. Both offer plain and vanilla flavored.

      Thanks again, 5 stars.

    • VendettaVixen profile image

      VendettaVixen 6 years ago from Ireland

      Best of luck with attempt number two, Angie. I hope you really enjoy your granola next time you prepare some.

    • Angie Jardine profile image

      Angie Jardine 6 years ago from Cornwall, land of the eternally youthful mind ...

      I made a version of this ages ago and very stupidly added the dried fruit before baking - not recommended, VV, the fruit was hard as rocks! Lol ...

      Glad to see you have got it right ... this sounds delicious so I'm going to try again. Saved to my recipe folder.

    • VendettaVixen profile image

      VendettaVixen 6 years ago from Ireland

      You're very welcome, Urmilashukla. Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

    • urmilashukla23 profile image

      Urmila 6 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      Great recipe. Thanks for sharing it. Voted up!


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