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How to Make Homemade Big Macs--Copycat Recipe from Experience at McDonald's

Updated on September 2, 2014
Victoria Lynn profile image

Watching her mom as a kid, Vicki came by cooking easily. Kids Cook Monday offers simple recipes kids can help with.

Make Homemade Big Macs!

My own Big Vics!
My own Big Vics! | Source

Copycat Big Macs like McDonald's!

My homemade "Big Macs" have been a big hit ever since I started making them at home several years ago. I guess my experience at McDonald's during my high school and college years paid off. I always loved Big Macs, but I love the homemade ones even more.

I have developed a small following of fans for my homemade burgers, while others are anxiously waiting for me to make my famous creation for them. Those who have tried these tasty hamburgers rave about them. My niece incorporated my name into the title of the burger, preferring to call them Big Vics!

We've created a tradition of making these things every summer when my niece comes to visit, often inviting over my brother and my boyfriend to enjoy them with us. Big Vics are always a hit!

A note about the Big Mac Sauce

There are actually recipes for “Big Mac sauce” online, and I haven’t tried them, but I know that Thousand Island dressing tastes really close and is quick to use.

Ingredients for Homemade Big Macs

Ground chuck

Salt & pepper

Thousand Island Salad Dressing (I usually use Kraft.)

Iceberg or Romaine lettuce, shredded

American processed cheese slices (or just American slices)

Whole dill pickles, sliced

Onion (white or yellow), chopped

Sesame seed buns

If you’ll notice, I haven’t listed the amounts of each ingredient, as it depends on how many Big Vics you plan to make.

Preparing Big Mac Toppings

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Chop lots of lettuce!Soften plenty of onions.Chop large dill pickles to make the best "fast food" pickle slices.
Chop lots of lettuce!
Chop lots of lettuce! | Source
Soften plenty of onions.
Soften plenty of onions. | Source
Chop large dill pickles to make the best "fast food" pickle slices.
Chop large dill pickles to make the best "fast food" pickle slices. | Source

Instructions for Homemade Big Macs

First, make very small patties with your ground chuck. You’ll make two small patties for each burger. You’re probably familiar with how small the patties are on the little hamburgers at any fast food restaurant. This is the size you want to make. Two of them probably barely come to ¼ pound of beef—if that much. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the patties and start cooking them on low heat, as you’ve got some other work to do! Turn up the heat to medium later if you want to speed up the process.

Now it’s time to chop! Chop up about a quarter of an onion or so per burger. Chop into small pieces and place in a non-stick pan with a small amount of oil. As the onions cook and take up the oil, add water instead of oil to plump the onions. As many fast food places use only dehydrated onions that water is added to, these onions will be much tastier on your burger than what they use.

Loading Homemade Big Macs

Loaded and ready for the burger patties!
Loaded and ready for the burger patties! | Source

How to Chop up the Lettuce and Pickles

Chop up plenty of lettuce per burger, as you will be piling lettuce on two different buns. As for the pickles, I slice whole dills as opposed to using already sliced pickles, as the texture and taste is much different. Slice whole dills thinly, and you’ll notice that the taste and look resemble very closely the pickles that are found on fast food burgers. I haven’t found anything closer.

What do you think?

4.2 stars from 5 ratings of Homemade Big Macs

How to Create 3 Buns for Homemade Big Macs

Now, how do you get three buns for your Big Vic? Easy. Take a sharp knife and cut away a thin layer from the top or bottom bun, whichever seems to have excess. There you go. You have three pieces. Place your buns on a cookie sheet and brown lightly in the oven. If you'd rather, you can use the toaster.

Your hamburger patties should be finished by now. It’s time to stack your Big Vics! Spread out buns in threes. Squirt a generous amount of Thousand Island dressing onto the bottom and middle part of the buns. Next, get a handful of shredded lettuce to cover both the bottom and middle buns. Then, place a piece of cheese on top of the lettuce on the bottom bun. Place about three pickle slices on top of the lettuce on the middle bun. You are getting close. Let's check on the burger patties now!

Homemade Big Macs Almost Ready . . . .

Time to put the Big Macs together now!
Time to put the Big Macs together now! | Source

Stack those Homemade Big Macs!

Place a hamburger patty on top of the bottom and middle buns. Put plenty of onions on top of both of the patties. Put your bun toppers on now on the middle layer. The section with cheese will be on the bottom.

You’ll have to smash the burger down some as it gets pretty big. Your Big Vic is ready to be eaten.

Would you like fries with that? We always do! Those Ore Ida fast food french fries are easy to bake, and they copy the taste of McD's french fries very well.

If you like those little McDonald's hamburgers and cheeseburgers, here's a great recipe to make those at home, too!

Big Mac Spread . . . .

Big Vics for a crowd! My brother's birthday gathering!
Big Vics for a crowd! My brother's birthday gathering! | Source

I learned this song backwards when I worked at McDonald's!

#30/30! | Source

© 2012 Victoria Lynn


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