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How to Make Sweet Crepes

Updated on August 28, 2013

Crepes are very thin, French-style pancakes that can be filled or sauced with a variety of sweet or savory mixtures. Unlike other pancakes, crepes do not contain any leavening agents, so they do not puff up when they cook.

Sweet crepes can be topped with prepared chocolate hazelnut spread, jam or marmalade or a variety of other sweet toppings.

I have been experimenting several recipes for sweet crepes and always get disappointed that I did not get the result that I am hoping to achieve, until I try this recipe.


1/2 cup water

1/2 cup whole milk

1 cup all purpose plain flour

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

2 large eggs

Melted unsalted butter for greasing the pan.

Equipment you will need:

  • Blender

  • Pastry Brush

  • 9 inch crepe pan


1. Add ingredients to the blender

To make the crepe batter - In a blender, combine the water, milk, flour, sugar and vanilla. Crack the eggs into a small bowl. Check for shells and then add the eggs to the blender.

2. Blend until smooth

Blend the mixture until very smooth and free of lumps. Pour the batter into a large liquid measuring cup or a bowl and refrigerate, covered for at least 1 - 2 hours .

3. Grease the pan

Using a pastry brush dipped in the melted butter, lightly grease the entire surface of a 9 inch crepe pan or nonstick frying pan and place over medium heat.

4. Swirl the batter in the pan

Fill a 1/4 -cup ladle with batter to just below the lip. Holding the pan at an angle above the stove, pour the batter into the pan close to one edge.

Quickly swirl the pan so that the batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. This should happen very fast since the batter will start to cook upon contact with the hot pan.

 5. Cook the crepe

Cook, shaking the pan from time to time, until the crepe begins to bubble, the bottom is lightly browned and the batter  looks set, about 1 minute.

6.  Flip the crepe

Use a small spatula to lift the edge of the crepe, then carefully grasp the edge and quickly flip the crepe over in the pan.  Cook for another 10 seconds, until the second side is slightly browned and set.   

7.  Stack the crepes

Transfer the finished crepes to a place.  Repeat steps 3-6 to cook the rest of the batter, stacking the crepes on the plate between squares of waxed paper. 

If you are not into sweet crepes, you can make savoury crepes, just omit the sugar and vanilla extract and add a pinch of salt.

Fill savory crepes with vegetables, cheese or meat mixtures. Enjoy !!!


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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 8 years ago from Canada

      Lovely recipes. I shall be back to read more of your hubs!

    • milynch43 profile image

      milynch43 8 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for this Hub. I haven't had these since I left New Orleans.

    • mega1 profile image

      mega1 8 years ago

      I used to make crepes all the time! I had forgotten how much I love them - so thanks for reminding me - they are such a great holiday treat too. There used to be in New York near Lincoln Center a lovely creperie - restaurant where I went often to have the crab crepes - very close to Paradise that! Did you know you can also stack them with a piece of waxed paper between each and freeze them for quick treats - just pull them out of the freezer, peel off as many as you need, and warm them in the crepe pan. lovely.