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How to Cook Ham and Serve it with Appeal

Updated on March 4, 2010

There are several Hams to choose from. It can either be fresh (having a pale pink appearance), cured (having deep pink appearance), or cured-and-smoked. 
Hams may be served in different ways depending on how you would want it.  Some people would prefer to just eat ham directly without cooking them since it is actually pre-cooked.  Others would prefer it to be well-done.  Wanting to serve it more appealing would actually depend on whether it will be served just for home consumption or if it will be served for a special occasion or important gathering.

1.      The decision on whether it will be for breakfast, lunch or dinner comes in first.  Choosing the kind of Ham to be used on a particular dish should also be considered.  Make sure that the dish will be appropriate for the occasion.

2.      Consider the number of persons to be served.  The quality of Ham prepared usually depends upon the quantity that has been cooked. This is so, since it would usually take much longer to have it prepared for a large group.

3.      Have all the ingredients ready.   Try to see if the dish would require it to be sliced thinly or not.  Consider having fresh vegetables and spices to add more flavors.

4.      If serving for a special occasion, put an extra effort on the ingredients that will be used.  It will definitely help with the presentation when served. Herbs, Broccoli, Asparagus, Bell Peppers and Pineapples are the most common ingredients that are used.  They not only enrich the flavors but also enhance the presentation when served.

5.      Go over the details if it will be served plated or not.  Take note on whether the dish would require it to have been rolled or sliced and just plainly laid into the plate.

6.      Garnish the dish and serve it beautifully and with an appeal one can’t resist but take.


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