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Ice Cream: The Benefits for Health

Updated on December 18, 2014

Ice cream and the benefits for health

ice cream
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Almost everyone likes ice cream. Ice cream can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. Ice cream is a frozen dish that has a sweet taste and usually served as dessert. The main ingredients of ice cream including a mixture of milk, cream and added by various flavors like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, and then it's frozen in the freezer. Ice cream is made by stirring the ingredients which contain milk, concentrated milk, condensed milk, sweetening agents, cream, flavorings, stabilizer and emulsifiers. Eggs also can be added to make ice cream in order to thicken the flavor, so the ice cream can have a good shape. Other ingredients also can be added such as cinnamon or coloring agents. Basically, we can make ice cream in many different tastes. Various flavors of ice cream make many people want to enjoy ice cream. Because ice cream is made mostly from milk, so that ice cream also has many benefits for health. The content of 100 grams of ice cream that made from milk could have about 110-130 calories with content of protein at 2.5 to 3 grams.

If we want to make an ice cream that has many benefits for health, the ice cream should have enough nutrition to fulfill the needs of vitamins and minerals in our body. Ice cream that contains enough riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin A, calcium and other vitamins and minerals are good for the health. Because ice cream is a mixture of various ingredients, so the amount of the calorie, sugar and fat that contained in ice cream also varies. Nowadays, ice cream is not only made from cow milk, but we can make ice cream from other types of milk such as soy milk and coconut milk. Soy milk is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and because soy milk comes from soy, it’s fat-free. If you want to know more, these are the benefits of ice cream for Health:

Contain Calcium Which is Good for Bones

Ice cream is made mostly from milk that contains calcium which is good to form and maintaining bones to remain strong. Adequate calcium intake will help to make the bones not being easy to brittle and porous. Always consume enough calcium intake on a daily basis, because it will also help us to keep our body to not easily get osteoporosis in the future. Osteoporosis is a progressive condition in which the bones may become weak and the structure of the bones can be cracked or broken. Osteoporosis is usually suffered by the elderly, mainly in women who already through the menopausal period. In women who have menopause, estrogen production decreases, whereas estrogen is useful to help the absorption of calcium. And when the production of estrogen decreased, calcium cannot be absorbed by our body perfectly.

Ice Cream Help to Improve Immune System

Milk is rich in lactoferrin and cytokines. Ice cream that is based on milk actually also helps to improve the immune system. Milk as one of the ingredients in ice cream is made up of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a substance which acts as non-specific defense against pathogens. Lactoferrin also acts as antiviral, especially against cytomegalovirus, influenza and HIV.

Ice Cream is Useful As a Provider of Body Fluids

Assumptions about how we should not eat ice cream when we sick are not true. Also perhaps some people thought that ice cream is considered as a cause of cold, coughs and fever. When we eat ice cream, actually our body temperature helps to neutralize the cold, so it will melt in our mouths. Ice Cream helps to provide the supply of fluids to prevent us from dehydration, especially when we sick, as well as help to reduce the bitter taste caused by ingestion of medicine. Except for sufferers of asthma, tonsils, strep throat or laryngitis is not allowed to eat ice cream for allegedly can trigger the pain of relapse.

Other than that, scientists propose developing the contents and the benefits of ice cream in the future for health care which is included: Antioxidants, dietary fiber, probiotic and prebiotic. Expected later, ice cream can help to overcome health problems, have a role in cancer prevention, aiding the digestive function, lowering the level of cholesterol and helps to lose weight.


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