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I'm Hungry

Updated on January 11, 2013

I'm Hungry And I Need Fed!

"I'm Hungry" are two words EVERYBODY says often. Here are some quick-to-fix meals to satisfy that hunger in a hurry! P.S. I'm not vegetarian but these happen to be dishes vegans will appreciate too.

Being self-employed all of my life, needing food occasionally, and not usually wanting to stop working even to run through a fast food drive-thru (hey it's several miles to the closest McDonald's!) let alone sit and wait at a restaurant to satisfy every craving, I've learned to whip up stuff that's super fast and super easy, yet extremely filling!

The salsa plate pictured is one of my specialties. I ate lunch with a client once and we had a Mexican dish that involved salsa, fried chicken strips and lots of sour cream. He had a Mexican name for it but who cares? I know I'll never actually cook chicken anyway!

But I liked it and decided to modify it to my need for speed. The chicken went away as well as the toothpicks and soft tortilla shells the toothpicks kept together. TOO MUCH WORK! I added some shredded cheese instead. Tortilla chips subbed for the soft shells, kept the rest and WOW! It was pretty darn good. I eat it several times a week.

The next time you're at the store grab just four items: a bag of tortilla chips, a pint of sour cream, a jar of Salsa, and a bag of shredded cheese.

That's it, 4 things! The next time you think, "I'm hungry," simply whip out a plate and a spoon. Next dump some cheese and chips on the plate; spoon out a dallop of sour cream, drop a spoon or two of medium heat salsa on and YOU'RE GOOD! Eat already!

Just use a chip to scoop up a bit of each of the other three items and stick it in your mouth.

It tastes great, fills you up quickly and takes all of two minutes to whip together! At three minutes in you're no longer hungry and at five minutes you be one stuffed pepper!

Recommended Medium Salsa - Stock Up!

The key to making the Salsa plate work is stocking up on the four ingredients so they're always handy. You'll have to purchase the sour creme at a local grocery store.

Lay's French Onion Dip
Lay's French Onion Dip

Note that I usually use and prefer regular sour cream sold in the local grocery store's dairy section (which is what's on the plate in the pic) but not everyone likes it. This is a tasty substitute.



Man...what can I say about rice that hasn't already been said? Maybe even already said millions of times in China. Probably right after, "I'm hungry!" (said in Chineese of course). So it's like "I'm hungry!" and several dozen Chineese all reply, "Rice!"

Well, I've never actually been to China so I'm not real sure that actually happens.

But I know one thing:

I like rice. The "one minute" type is super quick and easy to make. And you'll like it too.

Hmmm... that's more than one thing, but regardless, add just butter and rice... is good, melt some cheese on it, it's very good, mix some meat bits in, even hotdogs, it's even more, more good! Combine several items: bacon bits, melted cheese, a few chunks of bell pepper: OMG it's even MORE MORE MORE GOOOOOOOOOD!


What I like about noodles is you can toss the water on, hit a timer and do something else near the stove like comtemplate the plight of mankind, or better yet, inspect both sides of your body for discrepancies, while the water boils.

You know what I mean. You feel one side of your rib cage and discover a slight bump. Then you panic, "Oh no, do I have a bump like that on the other side?" Your hand can't get over there fast enough. Usually you do and realize how stupid that was but every now and then there is no matching protusion and now you're like, "Is it cancer? Am I going to die in the next five months? I knew something was wrong!" But then you notice an envelope on the counter and it reminds you how high that last phone bill was or something and you forget all about the bump.

So cooking takes only 5 or 10 minutes. Test occasionally. When the noodle is no longer hard for your wife, husband, significant other or dog to bite through it's about done. Let it go another 30 to 60 seconds and you're good. Don't test it yourself, those hard noodles can break your teeth.

So elbow macaroni can be great with just butter, or with just cheese, just stick it on the hot noodles and stir it in some as it melts. Or if you had the forethought to nuke up some radioactive waste (microwave some spaghetti sauce) that will work too... if your stomach is strong enough. Just add the sauce on the hot noodles. We're talking like all of fifteen seconds.

But here's my favorite:

Boil the noodles. As they boil get your plate and fork ready, you'll be eating in about 5 minutes. Take out one can of condensed Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup. Take out one can of tuna (water packed, but drain off the water).

When the noodles finish boiling put the other two ingredients in with them, cold, no need to heat the tuna or the mushroom soup.

Mix the three ingredients (noodles, soup, and tuna) somewhat but don't overdo it. You want some of the tuna to stay a little chunky.

That's it, eat!

Sometimes I'll add just a tiny bit of milk if the mixture is a bit thick but that depends on your personal taste.

Any other fast dishes you'd like to share? Did you try any of these recipes? - Comment here

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    • Writingmystory1 profile image

      Writingmystory1 4 years ago

      Tried the Salsa Plate, it was awesome!