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Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats

Updated on January 18, 2013

Antifatigue Floor Mats For Commercial Kitchens :: Safety Floor Mats

As a restaurant owner, the safety of your customers and employees falls squarely on your shoulders financially and preventing those nasty slip and falls should be priority number one. Commercial safety floor mats provide that extra layer of protection to prevent injury and insurance claims against your business.

These mats are supplied by your uniform rental service usually, and at a reasonable cost. They will usually come out every week, or when you specify, to change the old mats for new and clean ones.

There are several areas throughout your establishment that floor mats need to be placed strategically. For customers, key areas like a welcome mat outside your front doors, then right inside the doors in your foyer.

This will prevent slips when it’s raining outside, and the combination of both outside and inside mats will help rid the dirt on patrons shoes, and prevent tracking up your floors throughout the dining areas. Runner mats will give you additional protection from dirt and debris as your clients enter the seating area.

The mats are usually constructed of Berber, continuous filament olefin, and needle punch polypropylene. These mats are designed to hold up to a gallon of water, and will help keep the rest of your business dry and dirt free.

The hostess station should be outfitted with an anti-fatigue mat that is constructed with foam rubber in between the carpet, and vinyl rubber backing. This will help your greeter from getting soar joints, and feet from standing in one place for extended periods.

This is perfect for any upscale eatery or café. Keeping a happy face on your hostess will make sure your customers are greeted in a positive light to begin their dining experience. In the kitchen, there are several areas where rubber mats are necessary. The chef’s station, prep area, commercial dishwasher and dishwashing area, and the walk-in cooler are the most susceptible places an accident can occur, and these mats have drainage holes that will allow water, cooking liquids, and grease to drain away from the mat, insuring a sure footed grip.

The added rubber padding will also help your employees be able stand more comfortably, and prevent wear and tear on their feet, ankles, and knees while working. Safety and comfort saves money in the end, and keeps employees from becoming overly tired and irritable while working all day. You can purchase your mats outright, but then you will be responsible for having them cleaned, repaired, and replaced.

This sort of out of pocket expense and extra responsibility for upkeep of the mats can be taxing. Opting to purchase any outdoor mats and kitchen mats will make more sense, as they can be washed off with a hose, and broom. The interior mats should be left to the uniform company, as they have the proper facilities to wash, dry, and repair them as needed.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats
Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats


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