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A Great Cup of Coffee in Irvine….in a Coffeehouse! Coffee Shop! Cafe!

Updated on September 5, 2016
Just in front of Layer Cake on Barranca.
Just in front of Layer Cake on Barranca.

Where can I get a great cup of coffee ... in a coffeehouse in Irvine? Irvine is so centrally located in Orange County that a great cup of coffee can pull together coffee geeks from the north, the south, the east and the west. And yet, I am challenged to find one.

A coffeehouse, coffee shop, or a cafe conjure up different images of a leisurely stay at a place designed primarily to serve coffee; a place to spend time alone or with friends, entertain or be entertained. In my mind, a coffeehouse offers a sense of permanence; and, permits a claim by daily habitués for a regular venue for their coffee, a table and chair to sit alone, or a meeting with friends. There would be music, lively discussions, a quiet corner, and of course, excellent coffee and snacks. A coffee shop and cafe does not require a sense of familiarity but should still be a good source of excellent coffee. Some coffee shops and cafes do offer their "regulars" a sense of "home".

Irvine is a beautiful city; clean, fresh and invigorating. Live, walk, drive, cycle, jog or run along landscaped sidewalks and around lakes, among tall eucalyptus, jacaranda,and pine trees and you are convinced that your lucky stars did shine on you.

Irvine also may be the fastest growing city in Orange County, California. A young city incorporated in 1971; it is now the 98th largest city in the US according to The US Census Bureau data from July 2008.

But, where is that great cup of a coffee house? Could it be that the beautiful outdoors offers a strong alternative to sitting down in a coffee house that entrepreneurs don’t see the feasibility of one?

Starbucks or Peet's Coffee?

Would I be able to get a great cup of coffee from Starbucks? Starbucks coffee is served in about 20 Starbucks cafes, stores and kiosks in Irvine including Starbucks counters at John Wayne Airport. Music and WiFi is available which makes for easy lounging with the internet and coffee in several of its cafes. Starbucks in a very short time of its existence has provided to the populace, locally, nationally, and some countries across the globe, a great "go to" place for that quick cup or a convenient place to meet with friends or while away some time.

What about Peet’s Coffee? There’s a Peet’s coffee house at Crossroads on Barranca Parkway; one at Orchard Hills on Portola Parkway; and one near the University of California in Irvine campus on Campus Drive. Peet's Coffee presents a pleasant setting for a good cup of coffee alone or with friends.

It's A Grind, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Java City, and Seattle's Best?

What about coffee at It’s a Grind on Culver and Irvine Center Drive; Java City and Bakery on Michelson and Culver and Seattle's Best on Culver at Walnut? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has six cafes. They are on Alton Parkway and Jeffrey, in Irvine Marketplace, on Harvard and Main, on Irvine Boulevard and Sand Canyon, and in Irvine Spectrum. We are all familiar with these small cafes that serve good coffee almost as much as we know the coffee at Starbucks and Peet's.

Panera Bread, Corner Bakery, TonicCoffee Bar, Nordstrom's E Bar?

What about coffee at Panera Bread on Barranca Parkway on Culver, and Irvine Boulevard on Sand Canyon? Corner Bakery on Harvard and Main, in Irvine Marketplace, and in Irvine Spectrum? Tonic Coffee Bar on Jamboree and MacArthur; 85c Bakery on Jamboree and Alton; and, at Nordstrom's E Bar in Irvine Spectrum?

Many more could I include in my list but I still have to find that great cup of coffee ... in a coffee house.

Paradise Perks and Champagne French Bakery Cafe?

What about the coffee at the cozy Paradise Perks on Jeffrey near the Irvine Valley College campus?

Recently, Champagne French Bakery Cafe in Woodbridge Center announced that Lavazza Coffee is now served in the Cafe.

Layer Cake Bakery

The little bakery on Barranca called Layer Cake Bakery Cafe serves excellent brewed coffee which I have enjoyed while resting after a morning walk.

Mimi's Cafe

Mimi's Cafe, while mainly a restaurant, serves a great latte! They have bar sitting for a quick cup. They are also open all day and is quite convenient to spend some time alone, prepare for a meeting, or with friends to catch up with life. Mimi's is on the corner of Barranca and West Yale Loop.

Latte and cappuccino at Mimi's.
Latte and cappuccino at Mimi's.

Gold Among Nuggets

I would like a coffee place where I can sit alone or with friends and have a great tasting cup of brewed coffee. I would like a robust yet fresh tasting espresso. I would like a comforting cappuccino or latte. I would like a coffee place that could be a coffee house.

Irvine is almost a paradise and I should be able to get a great cup of coffee ... in a coffee house. Is my great cup of coffee ... in a coffee house at a rainbow’s end? Is there gold among the nuggets?

Irvine, California

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  • irvinetraveller profile image

    irvinetraveller 5 years ago from California

    I like Peet's. In fact, I like most of the coffee houses in Irvine. I am hoping to find more. Thanks for the comment.

  • livelonger profile image

    Jason Menayan 5 years ago from San Francisco

    Not a fan of Peet's? I go to them regularly up here in San Francisco, and am a fan. I usually like the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, too.

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