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Jamie's 15 minute meals - The perfect quick meal cookbook.

Updated on December 1, 2012

Why Jamie's 15 minute meals is the best cookbook for quick meals.

Jamie's 15 minute meals offers a range of different meals, from simplicity to fancy meals. His inspiration comes from all over the world. He tells you how to embrace amazing tastes. It contains chicken, steak and also pasta dishes. There is Asian inspired food which Jamie loves and gorgeous Moroccan dishes. The book also offers wonderful salads.

Each meal has thorough instructions as to how to make each meal, unlike a lot of cookbooks which miss or do not sufficiently explain how to make a meal. All of the meals are super quick to make and are nutritious while being tasty, and you can make and eat meals from it everyday without getting bored of them.

Meal example 1

Black bean beef burgers, noodle & pickle salad.

This is a wonderful meal. While being quite casual, it is also very flavor rich and the pickle salad adds an element of ''posh'' to the meal. Enjoy the contract between the wonderful flavor of the black beans and the beef. A wonderful combination guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Ingredients of the burger include:

Burgers (of course)

Olive Oil

2tbspn of sesame seeds

A single lime

About 400g of beef mince sauce

6 tspn of black bean sauce

and 1 tbsp of runny honey.

Ingredients for the noodles include:

A single chicken stock cube

4 lots of egg noodles

A piece of ginger (preferably thumb sized)

Sugar snap peas (200g)

2 mixed colour peppers

Mixed mushrooms (around 150g)

A single lime

and 2 bok choi.

The salad ingredients include:

3 spring onions

Tin of water chestnuts (about 225g)

3 spring onions

A single lime

Soy sauce (low salt)

Half of a red chilli

Half of a bunch of fresh coriander

Meal example 2

Crispy parma pork with minted courgettes and brown rice.

This meal has the perfect blend of ingredients! It has just the right amount of meat for meat lovers, but just the right about of veg to give it a wonderful subtle yet profound flavor. This meal serves 4.

The ingredients for the pork include:

Pork fillet (400g)

Olive oil

Parma ham (4 slices)

Feta cheese (4 slices)

Balsamic vinegar

Sage leaves (about 8 of them)


Garlic (preferably 5 cloves)

1 red chilli (fresh)

About half a bunch of fresh mint

Mixed color courgettes (6 medium)

Serving the meal:

A single lemon

Cooked brown rice (2 lots of 250g)

Natural yogurt (4 tbsp)

Natural yogurts (4 tbsp)

Sun dried tomato paste (2 tsp)

Meal example 3

Glazed pork fillet with cajun style pepper rice and BBQ sauce.

This is one of those juicy and succulent meals that also contain a bit of a punch due the cajun style pepper. There aren't many meals actually like this.

The pork recipe

Pork fillet (about 600g)

Olive oil

Ground allspice (tsp)

olive oil

Rice recipe:

Celery (1 stick)

Single red onion

Sweet smoked paprika (tsp)

2 mixed colour peppers

Cumin seeds (just 1 pinch)

Okra (175g)

Flennel seeds (tsp)

Single lemon

Cooked brown rice (about 500g)

Fresh basil (half a bunch)

BBQ sauce recipe:

Garlic (2 cloves)

HP sauce (2 tbsp)

Worcestershire sauce (2 tbsp)

Tomato ketchup (4 tbsp)

Runny honey (1 tbsp)

Soy sauce (1 tbsp)

Tabasco (1tsp)

Apple juice (3 tbsp)


Natural yogurt (4 tbsp)

Pickled veggies

Meal example 4

Mighty mackerel with mixed tomato and quinoa salad

Salad recipe:

Guinoa (300g)

Lemon (half of one)

Mixed colour tomatoes (about 800g

Baslmamic vinegar (1 tbsp)

1 red chilli

Extra virgin olive oil (2 tbpn)

Mackerel recipe:

Scaled and gutted mackerel (800g)

Ground coriander (1tsp)

Garlic (2 cloves)

Olive oil

Rosemary (2 sprigs)

To serve:

Natural yogurt (2 tbsp)

Fresh bas (2 sprigs)

Jarred grated horseradish (2 tbsp)

Meal example 5

Mexican style tomato soup with chilli nachos and veg & feta sprinkles

Soup recipe:

Spring onions (just a small bunch)

x2 limes

Olive oil

Fresh mint (about half a bunch)

Natural yogurt (250ml)

Garlic (4 cloves)

Fresh coriander

Basmati rice (about 100g)

Red peppers (About 450g)

Chopped tomatoes (800g)

Pickled jalapeno chillies (2tsp)

Sprinkles recipe:

Handful of cherry tomatoes

Avocado (just 1)

Feta cheese (30g)

Nachos recipe:

Green and red chillies (2/3)

Tortilla chips (175g)

Cheddar cheese (about 50g)

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