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Jamie Oliver's mulled wine recipe

Updated on September 19, 2012

What Is Mulled Wine?

Mulled wine is a special term used to explain wine, typically a red variety, permeated with spices and mostly served warm. This wine is popular all over Europe and is normally served throughout the winter months for several centuries. As per the nation of origin, mulled wine might go by diverse names like Glogg in Sweden, Vin Chaud in France and Glühwein in Germany. The overall ingredients for mulled wine differ depending on the area. Widespread spices used in the preparation of mulled wine include nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, allspice and anise. The addition of sugar or fruit to sweeten the mix also differs from one recipe to another. However, bitter orange is a widespread additive, but some preparations also call ginger, apples, figs and even raisins. The kind of alcohol needed in mulled wine again differs from one recipe to another. The majority of recipes actually begin with red wine and might have one or more liquor added.

Mulled Wine Directions
Mulled Wine Directions

Mulled wine recipe

Jamie Oliver's Directions

Peel big sections of covering from your lemon, clementines and lime utilizing a speed peeler. Place the sugar in a big pot over medium heat, put the pieces of peel and press the clementine juice. Insert the bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon stick and roughly 10 to 15 pieces of nutmeg. Put in halved vanilla husk and mix in just sufficient red wine to coat the sugar. Allow this to boil until the sugar has totally dissolved in the red wine and then again bring the mixture to boil. Keep the mixture on a rolling boil for roughly 4-5 minutes, or until you have acquired a striking chunky syrup. The reason this is followed is to make a wonderful taste base by actually getting the spices and sugar to infuse and mix well with the wine. It is very vital to make a syrup base initially because it should be hot, and if you really do this with the bottles of wine you might burn the alcohol. When the syrup is totally prepared, you should reduce the heat and put star anise and both bottles of wine. Quietly heat the wine and after 5 minutes, when it is warm and appetizing, put it into wine glasses and serve warm.

Mulled Wine Ingredients
Mulled Wine Ingredients

List of ingredients

- 2 clementines

- zest of 1 lemon

- zest of 1 lime

- 250g castor sugar

- 5-6 whole cloves

- 1-3 cinnamon sticks

- 3-4 fresh bay leaves

- 1 whole nutmeg

- 1 whole vanilla pod

- 1-2 star anise

- 2 bottles of Chianti, or any other Italian red wine

Buy Some Ingredients

Clementine - is a type of mandarin orange so named in the year 1902. The external part is an orange colour with a soft, lustrous appearance.

Castor Sugar - it is the organic compound known as table sugar and occasionally known as saccharose.

Star Anise - is a spice that intimately resembles anise in taste, acquired from the star-shaped pericarp of spice Illicium verum.

Cinnamon Stick - Cinnamon is a spice acquired from the internal bark of numerous trees from the group Cinnamomum that is utilized in sweet and salty foods.

How To Make Mulled Wine

Other Mulled Wine Recipes

Here you can find some other mulled wine recipes.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This would warm you to the bones in such a nice way, I have never had mulled wine and hadn't heard of it before....winter is on its way!


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