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Japanese Tea Cups Mugs Ceremony Sets

Updated on March 8, 2016

Ceremonial Tea Sets Japanese Style

Tea is an ancient beverage which has been ingested for centuries around the globe. In many civilizations, it is a tradition to give a tea gift including the popular tradition of giving tea to engaged couples. Tea, or having tea or drinking tea has a long and rich history that crosses the world. First it was in China numerous centuries ago approximately around the time of 2,737 BC. At that time, tea was ingested for medicinal cure for common wellness ailments. Later, it was part of religious ceremonies. However,near 202 BC, it was restricted to the royalty and upper class. Then, as more tea leaves were found during the Tang Dynasty, tea turned common among all classes and social positions. It was during this time that teatime spread to Japan by priests who were studying in China. This is the reason it is connected with Zen Buddhism in Japan.

Japanese Cast Iron Tea Cup

Happy Sales HSCT-DLB02,  Cast Iron Teacup Dragonfly Med Blue
Happy Sales HSCT-DLB02, Cast Iron Teacup Dragonfly Med Blue

This high quality black cast iron teacup is perfect for enjoying tea. It can also serve as a great companion for any cast iron teapots . This classical Japanese teacup is made from sturdy iron and has enamel coating on the interior to prevent rusting. Japanese cast ironware heats evenly and retains heat well and is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality.


Japanese Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony arose by the Buddhists to enjoy the drink in a sanctified and religious ceremony.Tea arrived in England and it was believed a beverage of the royalty. Because of high taxes, they began to sell it illegally. Tea was also imported to America,where because of high taxes also ,there was the historical event of the Boston Tea Party. Nowadays, tea is more common throughout the Earth and several afford a traditional tea gift for exceptional occasions.

Ceremonial Tea Drinking in your home!

A Traditional Japanese Tea Set consists of many pieces, which generally comprise a pot, a tray, and cups or bowls.

Craftsman potters spend entire lifetimes perfecting these amazing set making skills to become a Master potter. Since there have been tea and tea drinkers, there have been tea sets. In that respect is something striking about this beautiful pottery.

Japanese tea sets can be elaborate and ornamental or simple yet functional. They are often passed from one generation to the next and are heirlooms. Many are given as gifts and are well accepted. Most people have several beautiful sets. There is a set for everyday, and another tea set that is reserved for special occasions or Japanese tea ceremonies.

Many people have seasonal Japanese tea sets for use throughout the year. The type of tea set depends upon individual taste and the type of tea being used. Green and oolong teas are typically enjoyed in smaller cups or tea bowls and brewed in smaller teapots.

You don't need a special occasion or formal Japanese tea ceremony in order to bring out your tea finery!

Any time you have friends over is the absolute perfect opportunity to use these beautiful sets to turn an "everyday cup of tea" into an appealing experience. So, next time you invite friends over, create a special tea ceremony of your own, with your luxuriant or classic Japanese tea set.

You will begin to enjoy your tea drinking experience and have great delight with those you love!

Chinese Blue White Rice Pattern Tea Set porcelain

Chinese Blue and White Rice Pattern Tea Set for 4 - porcelain
Chinese Blue and White Rice Pattern Tea Set for 4 - porcelain

Traditional Chinese tea set with 4 cups, tea pot and a serving tray. Made of durable porcelain, dishwasher and microwave safe. The tea pot holds about 28oz of water which is roughly 3 and a half measuring cups. The tea cups hold just over 4oz each, which is roughly half a measuring cup. When serving from the tea pot you can get roughly 6.5 of the tea cups filled before running out of water. The tea pot is 6" tall to the top of the lid or 5" tall when measuring to the top of the spout. The traditional Chinese design is called rice pattern, named after the tiny translucent windows that adorn the porcelain body. Historically these were created by leaving grains of rice in the clay before firing in the kiln. Once fired the rice disintegrates leaving the little window like decoration.


Traditional Tea Gift Giving

Tea gift giving was first done in Japan in 730 AD after Emperor Shomu gave each monk that visited his palace a gift of tea. The monks were delighted with the savor and characters of the tea and set about growing plants in their temples. This is when tea began to become fashionable in Japan.

Another tea gift tradition is to give tea cups as an engagement present. Legend says that a sailor gave a china tea cup to his bride before leaving to serve in the military. He said to her, "if I'm unfaithful, the cup will fill to over brimming. Then, the tea pouring over the sides will crack the china." The gift of china tea cups to newly engaged couples has since become a tradition in many cultures.

Today, tea gifts are common in many countries around the world.

A lot of people are not aware there is a healthier Japanese herbal tea than Green teas, called Tenchicha. The tea bears 12 herbs with no caffeine.

Tea is an ancient beverage that has been ingested for centuries around the world. In many cultures, it is a tradition to give a tea gift to make a special occasion, including the popular tradition of giving tea to newly engaged couples.

The classic, elegant charm of a Japanese tea set is appealing to everyone who are fanciers.

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    • profile image

      tonyleather 3 years ago

      Very decorative! Love them!

    • Coffeebreak9am profile image

      Coffeebreak9am 4 years ago

      @Zeross4: Thank you as well, I love tea. Enjoy your adventure with Squidoo.

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 4 years ago from Kentucky

      I love these, I had to show my fiance- we both enjoy the Japanese culture very much. What great sets you've picked here!

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      NibsyNell 4 years ago

      Love these! Especially the cast iron tea cups!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love tea pots!

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      knit1tat2 6 years ago

      tea parties were the norm when company came years ago, and I still enjoy tea, hot or cold. Thank you for the lovely sets, beautiful to see and dream over!

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      sushilkin lm 6 years ago

      Like your lens.. PLEASE VISIT PRAY FOR JAPAN!!