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Jello Swimming Pool Cake Recipe

Updated on September 26, 2011

Jello Swimming Pool Cake Recipe

Planning a birthday party or other summer time party out by the swimming pool? This jello swimming pool cake is the perfect solution for the best ever birthday cake. Jello swimming pool cake is not to difficult to make but it does require a little extra time but will be well worth the time spent when you see the looks on all the kids faces and even better when the moms ask you to make the next birthday party cake. Jello swimming pool cakes are fun to make and can be made either in a rectangle or round cake pans. Be creative and have fun decorating the jello swimming pool cake.


  • 1 white cake mix prepared as directed on cake mix
  • 2 boxes Jello any flavor that is Blue in color
  • White Butter Cream Frosting
  • Gummy life savers round
  • Graham Crackers
  • licorice stick


  1. Bake cake as directed on cake mix and let cool. After cake has cooled remove center area of cake by cutting a outline of swimming pool area, Be creative and make any designed pool you wish. When removing cake from the pool area leave at least a 1/2 inch of cake for bottom of pool. Next use the white frosting to cover the entire cake including bottom of pool. Cool cake for 1 to 2 hours for frosting to set. Prepare blue jello as directed on jello package let jello chill until it begins to stiffen then pour jello into the pool area of the cake to create the water in the pool. Next you can add the pool items for the dive board I use a graham cracker with licorice as the rails for dive board. round gummy life savers placed on the jello for floating life savers. be creative and use teddy bears around the pool and in the water add any other pool decorations to make this the best jello swimming pool cake.
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