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Jovy Fruit Roll

Updated on April 20, 2013

A delicious and nutritious treat for all ages

Jovy Fruit Rolls are a wonderful mix of health and sweet treat. It helps provide some nutrients to picky eaters and is a good alternative to cookies and candy . It comes in a variety of flavors and is found by many to be a superior product in taste, cost and quality to other similar versions of fruit rolls. Check out all the fun facts and information that make this treat so good.

You can also try making a fruit roll up treat on your own

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Jovy Fruit Roll

FAQ - Jovy Fruit Rolls

What flavors do Jovy Fruit Rolls come in?


-Green Apple

-Green Grape








Do Jovy Fruit Rolls have real fruit?

-yes. The first ingredient listed is natural fruit (Strawberry Concentrate Dehydrated Apple & Pear).

Are Jovy Fruit Rolls delicious?

-That is up to you to decide but they are my favorite fruit roll. I prefer them over fruit roll-ups and fruit leather. Check out the reviews below and try some yourself to decide.

Is it healthy to eat

-There is definately controversy over how healthy it really is but compared to other sugary snacks it is a better option than most. It contains no saturated fat and has real fruit which adds vitamin C. However it still adds a lot of sugar to the snack so I don't suggest it to be a staple item in any diet but it is a healthier treat than similar snacks.

Nutrition Facts - Jovy Fruit Roll
Nutrition Facts - Jovy Fruit Roll

Ingredients List:

-Natural Fruit

-----(Strawberry Concentrate,

-----Dehydrated Apple & Pear),




-Natural and Artificial Flavors,

-Citric Acid,

-Malic Acid,

-Ascorbic Acid,

-Artificial Colors

Jovy Fruit Roll, Sunkist Fruit Roll, Mariani Fruit Roll, Joray Fruit Roll, Fruit Roll-up, etc..

What is your favorite brand of fruit roll snack?

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