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Juice vs Smoothie

Updated on July 2, 2013

The great juice vs smoothie debate!

Well, it seems like everybody is into juicing these days and at our house we are no different. Although we have been making smoothies for over a decade, health issues required us to look at our diet and make some adjustments.

Juice vs smoothie? There is room on the table for both!

Juice Benefits

Well to say that fresh juice has benefits would be an understatement! Not only is fresh juice a snap to digest, if you drink it immediately after making it, you are ensured the optimum freshness and the most bang for your vitamin buck!

For me, because I have Gastroparesis, and the smooth muscle of my stomach does not work properly, juice is at the top of my nutrition list. Although I need to strain twice to remove even more fibre than my juicer can, I still get all my nutrition, and the best part is that I almost never have to make the same juice twice! That kind of variety is not often found in a medical diet #BONUS!

As with any increase in dietary liquid, you will also notice the benefits of increased hydration, and this shows up in beautiful and glowing skin. It truly is the best make-up you can buy.

I checked out this site a lot as I was learning, it has a lot of nutritional information and recipes!

The Super Smoothie

I know some people argue the benefit of the smoothie over juice, mainly because of the fibre, but honestly, having tried both, I think that they are equally beneficial!

Added fibre and the ability to add different fruits and vegetables that you cannot juice (ie: avocado, banana and other softer things), is a great boost for sure though, as well as being able to add protein powers, some grains etc., which can get 'hidden' in the thick juice.

The cost of making smoothies can be less to, if only for the fact that you only need use a blender, rather than putting out from 50 - hundreds of dollars for a juicer. But overall, I feel that whatever way you can increase the freshness and nutrient content of your daily intake of food is beneficial, juice or smoothie, just do what suits you best or try both, there are no rules!

Juicing tip!

From me to you

One thing I have found with my juicer, which has a removable filter, is that when you are done juicing: If you cannot get to cleaning the filter right away, put it to soak in water!! It you don't, it will be VERY difficult to get clean once the fibre dries! Trust me on that.

You can even use a toothbrush!


If you are like me and can't tolerate the fibre, even in juice, try double straining. I do this each time so I never have to think about it.

I found that a nut milk bag works well, this one in the photo is made from hemp and I just rinse it out and lander it with the rest of the wash. I also found a tighter weave cotton bag that I also throw in there, this one came from some organic flour, but I think the one extra bag would work well enough, my system is just super sensitive to fibre.

Check out these great reads ~

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A great review from my Yoga Instructor on her new juicer!

Juicers and Blenders - Remember you can easily find something to fit your budget!

The prices on the juicers also differ quite substantially based on what 'type' they are. I have found that the masticating is usually more expensive than the centrifugal (which is what I have). There are also 'hybrid' varieties such as the Hurom juicer, which although expensive, does a fantastic job, with little waste. (Don't forget you can put your juicer waste right into your compost!).

Hamilton Beach 67601 Big Mouth Juice Extractor, Black (Discontinued)
Hamilton Beach 67601 Big Mouth Juice Extractor, Black (Discontinued)

This is the one I have. I bought it in Canada at Sears, for under 100$ on sale. It works amazingly well and came with a 5 year Warranty!


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    • JennAshton profile image

      Jenn Ashton 4 years ago from Canada

      @mina009: Thanks very much! Happy weekend!

    • profile image

      mina009 4 years ago

      Very juicy and healthy lens :)

    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

      I like both. For me it depends on how I am feeling at the time.