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Just Eat - The Best Way Ordering Takeway Food Online

Updated on January 4, 2012

Who is Just Eat

The Just Eat is the leading company of takeaway food on the Internet. It belongs to the European group Just-Eat, present in 16 countries including most recently Brazil. It has a chain of 20,000 restaurants and 5 million meals delivered per month across its network in the world.

Registered with restaurant menus the user can choose between the various establishments that are him, after he enter his zip code on the site. The request is made virtually and the options are the most varied, from Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarian, light, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Mexican, and of course, could not miss the usual pizzas, burgers and various sandwiches.

The Just-Eat is a fast, convenient and smart with many options for those who need to eat out or at work, or want to enjoy a different dish without leaving home or is no time to make food. This concept is increasingly sought after by people around the world. The stress of everyday life does not allow people to have time to cook.

Just Eat is growing

Just-Eat Group intends to invest further in the international market. They want to serve their customers well meet the partnerships with the owners of restaurants, offering an efficient platform for online orders. This deal expands the revenue of the restaurants operating in the area of fast food at the same time, it offers convenience to customers, the variety of choice and diversity of restaurants, choosing local restaurants in the area where you live!

Also last year, the Just-Eat has acquired the site of delivery Urbanbite London, beyond the Hungry Zone, India, among others. The investment was made possible by a capital contribution received from three funds, worth U.S. $ 48 million in March.

The Just-Eat is the world leader in the segment of the Internet request for meals, with the support of investment funds such as Index Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures GreylockPartners. He was recently named one of 20 "Euro Top Superstars" by GigaOM and part of the "Top 100 European Startups" site TechCrunch.

More away from home and more on the Internet

Eating out is an increasingly common habit of people who also spend more hours on the Internet. For this reason, the Just-Eat is included in the annual report of the most searched terms on the Internet, made by Google, the Google Zeitgeist. Just Eat The word is inserted into second place on the list Fastest Rising Food & Drink.

This data only confirms the strong growth of this company in the world. I will not have to wait long even be able to order food in my house over the internet. I think the idea is original and it brings many advantages, both for the client and the restaurants that join the network.

Certainly, an amazing innovation!


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    • MissDoolittle profile image

      MissDoolittle 5 years ago from Sussex, UK

      I have used Just Eat a few times, but stopped recently when my order wasn't delivered - even though the money was taken from my account.

      I'm sure it was just a blip, but I won't be using again.

    • melafx profile image

      melafx 5 years ago from Portugal

      Thanks for stopping by and shared your comment, Miss Doolittle. I haven't yet used their services, but i was amazed that this company is growing a lot worldwide. The fact you didn't get your meal, it might have something to do with the restaurant responsable for the delivery. Have you tried to solve this out, or just gave up?


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