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Karageorge Schnitzel - Cream cheese stuffed Schnitzel

Updated on May 16, 2013

How was the "Karageorge Schnitzel" born?

Not many people know, that this pride of Serbian cuisine is not a »national dish« and that its author is well known.

Mica Stojanovic, from Cestine near Gruze, is one of the most important chefs that Serbia ever had, he was so good in his business, that in his early twenties he became the head chef in a reputable Belgrade restaurant called »Golf«. He worked there for some time, without any bigger problems, before one day in early 1959, some of important Russian characters found a way to this reputable restaurant.

And unlike the custom it is in Serbia, to order some »Pasulj«, »Sarma«, »Kupus« or »Podvarak« ( All Serbian favourite national dishes ), they wanted to order something different to ease their hunger, their chose was a »Kyevan Schnitzel«. It's not like our »hero« Mica in this story didn't know how to do a »Kyevan Schnitzel«, but he didn't have enough chicken, which is the main ingredient for this specialty.

In order to solve this problem and to still keep his reputation and that of the restaurant, he decided to make them a new, tasty and never seen dish, with the ingredients he had at hand.

Starting with some modifications on the »Schnitzel«, he changed the type of meat and the filling, which then all together would be fried.

The result was a very delicious schnitzel with a very interesting look. But still, Mica wasn't totally happy with the result, so he decided to add some Tartar Sauce and decorated it with two pieces of lemon and tomatoes in such a way, that it looked like a Karageorge star ( Serbian Monarchy Medal ).


o this is where the name came from, how about I explain to you, STEP by STEP, how to make this delicious Serbian dish?


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Ingredients for the main dish:

800g pork tenderloin or leg of veal,

80-90g of cream cheese,

30g of flour,

1 egg,

30g of bread crumbs,



Ingredients for the Tartar Sauce:

5 eggs,

50g of mustard,

1 liter of oil,

70g of pickles,

10g of caper,

50ml of white wine,

salt and some lemon juice.

Step #1


ut the filet into the middle, to get a wider Schnitzel.

Step #2


se the pestle on the steak, to make it thinner. You should pestle the steak even more on the edges, so the steak won't stick when you roll it.

Step #3


eneath the thicker edge of the steak, spread the cheese cream and shape it into a roll.

Step #4


oll the steak and wrap the excess on the side, so the cheese cream won't come out.

Step #5


ut the stuffed meat roll in some flour.

Shake off the excess flour from the meat roll.

Step #6


ip the meat roll in some egg on all sides.

Roll the meat roll in some bread crums.

Put the breaded meat roll on a little clean surface, so the breadcrumbs will adhere better.

Fry the meat roll.

The dish is ready when its golden brown on all sides.

Put some Tartar Sauce on the meat roll and decorate it with some tomato and lemon slices.


Karageorge Schnitzels

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      One of the best flavours to ever enter my mouth......amazingly delicious!!

    • alidabdul profile image

      alidabdul 5 years ago

      Cream Cheese, wow I like it

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Looks incredible. I wish I had some right now.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Looks delicious.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Mmmm... Very tasty. Thanks for this.

    • spletneigre profile image

      spletneigre 5 years ago