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Kebab in lavash

Updated on January 6, 2013

These days they are hard enough to find young person who hadn't tried kebab. And if you tried to make your own? Same production process is very interesting, and the result that eating your produce homemade kebabs are assured that what you eat is produced in fresh produce, with love and it's certainly one of the tastiest kebab tasted.

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Me and my friends made with the company for 6 people, and therefore below the proportions are given to the quantity of people. Apart from already have the necessary products to large, succulent kebab. Homemade kebabs are perfect for handling any evening gathering abundant group of friends, since the cooking process will take about 3 hours, but with the company and the faster and more fun.

Interesting facts

Kebab name is derived from the Arabic word "kabab". Originally meant just cooked kebab meat, but today it has become a fast-food meal Empire. Kebabs, although termed differently, indigenous peoples have been known since ancient times, and various sources confirm this: The ancient Greek writers described the soldiers baking kebab type dishes, as well as kebab production portrayed the Byzantine frescoes. Most expensive kebab in the world price - 1102 USD.

Making "LAVASH"

1st. 3 cups flour (take the course, and more)

2nd. glass of water

3rd. 15g. yeast

4th. 1 teaspoon of sugar

5th. 1 teaspoon of salt

6th. Two wet the towel

7th. baking paper

All products in the following order knife put together in one large bowl, blend and knead dough until it gets rolling it out. The course will require more flour to roll the dough by kneading and just stick to your hands. Well-kneaded dough, distribute it into 6 parts and roll each of them until you get a thin, round pancakes. Better to do it once more, because it will mean a larger kebabs.

Expanded pancake place it on baking paper tray. Then Sauna pan in preheated oven 180C. Continued monitoring of baking Lavash, because especially in the company of friends become forgotten it (we had to bake two batches of Lavasa, because some were overbake!). Lavash bake quickly, from a few to about 5 minutes. Do not let brown Lavasa, because it would mean that he has overbake. Therefore advice at this point would be - better to bake less than overbake. In advance, be prepared for a towel that has been wet and drilled. Pulled out of the oven lavash transfer it on a damp towel

Fold the corners of the towel so that both sides of lavash is "onlays. Then Get behind one of the kebab wrapper edges and carefully wrapped it in a roll. If wrapping lavash breaks, it means that he was perkeptas! We leave to stand, because so moisture lavash soft. While we're waiting we can do the same process for the other lavash. Finally, all of Lavasa has softened and moisturized put together in one place and going further cooking.

Gentle sauce will need

1st. 500g. mayonnaise

2nd. 500g. ketchup

3rd. water lightly

4th. Basil

Everything just confusion. This sauce is almost identical such that they produce pizzas at home.

Garlic sauce need:

1st. 500g. mayonnaise

2nd. 200g. kefir

3rd. 2.5 head of finely chopped garlic

4th. Finely chopped cucumber

Everything just confusion.


It requires:

1st. Chicken breasts (amount depends on how many people and how much you want to produce fleshy kebabs)

2nd. saline

3rd. pepper

4th. chicken seasoning

5th. cabbage

6th. tomato

7th. Cucumber

8th. Jelapeno (who like spicy)

9th. foils

Pre-chop chicken breast into small pieces and seasoned with spices. We used salt, pepper, spices for chiken. Cooked chicken pieces put together in a container for further cooking.

We prepare lavash. In the middle of the vertical band in particular put sauce as much as he wants. Then you put chopped cabbage, fans sharper jelapeno, baked chicken pieces, tomato, cucumber, or something else, whatever you want.

Lavasa turned on all sides and especially take care of that well-folded the bottom. Wrapped in foil. All kebabs prepared again Sauna them all together in the oven, where support 20min. 180C temperature.

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